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16 Jan 2014 04:51

Finding your first job is always harder than we could imagine. Nobody wants to hire person without experience to good position.
What are your tips and advices for guys, who doesn't want to do "dirty" jobs - how to find a good job without previous experience?

16 Jan 2014 05:42

Dear friend i want to do job but i dont get ìt

16 Jan 2014 13:06

I am seeking good job with less work and more salary ...give me fast..

16 Jan 2014 20:38

Suscribe Employment newspaper.

18 Jan 2014 09:47
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19 Jan 2014 21:33

i think a hard work is best, but student going to school also should focus first on studies too. Its right mobo yes or no tell me

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9 Mar 2014 08:41

To get jobs u need to go through interviews Give ur best 2 do interviews

29 Mar 2014 11:46
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9 Apr 2014 10:43

1 May 2014 13:24
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2 May 2014 05:53

Start a firm yourself

2 May 2014 05:54

If any job ok na,you will sure get a job

2 May 2014 05:56

Education is necessary,but one thing also remeber that life is not what we seen.

2 May 2014 07:27
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2 May 2014 07:44

At this time, i am a student ,now in future i want to become a big ofer.When we an ofcr.Cn i compered wat i was past ,what was now i am.

2 May 2014 08:00

I hve experance in all jobs.Whether it busness,company jobs or any other.every type ofjob in any fild but i didn't found pacefull.Ey thing is notreal in the world,the world should lost at any time.Now be prapere for end of life.The 2nd life this more btful then this life..Every one should be prapare for this peacefull life.Ish.

8 Jun 2014 10:59

Choose job first

8 Jun 2014 11:07
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20 Jun 2014 19:32

Go through interview and gain an experience without thinking of money,apply for job given in different job portal

4 Jul 2014 16:11

First strong in u most like platform surely get the job.