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26 May 2016 09:59

Hello everyone, I'm looking for a book which is written about cricket. In one article it was mentioned by the name of Cricket Tamasha. However, I couldn't find it on Internet. Can you tell me the correct name of the book which is being mentioned in this article?

26 May 2016 17:58


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26 May 2016 20:22

Thinking to write

29 May 2016 20:15

don't know

29 May 2016 20:17

Sachin Tendulkar

29 May 2016 20:19

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Sachin Tendulkar

aapne padi h

29 May 2016 22:19
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30 May 2016 03:49

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30 May 2016 09:53

It is about Indian Premier League (IPL) written by Desh Gaurav Sekhri. I'm only confused about the name of the book. It is either - Cricket Tamasha, or Not Out!: The Incredible Story of the Indian Premier League.