Indian forum: Other - Is Love Precious or Poisonous?
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14 Apr 2016 09:40

Love is precious if it's true if it happens with the right person, but it's poisonous if it happens with the wrong person. It's like two different sides of the coin.Love is the beautiful feeling of the world according tome. Those people are lucky who got true love and can marry to that person whom they love and stay together forever.
I can say that and I have seen the happy couple who are as truly loving each other can be the best couple forever, they can live together for a lifetime.We cannot find true love easily but I must say if at any point of the life You find true love than never letit go.Those people are really lucky who fall in love and have felt that heart touching moments.Yes, but never fall in love with the wrong person.

Now its your turn how u guys n girls feel

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very true mr. amit

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very true mr. amit

Cigrette smoking is injurious to health still we smoke and love hurts like hell still we do it.

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