Indian forum: Romance & Friendship - How to deal with a flirty friend?
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16 Mar 2016 17:38

Flirting is a game that both men and women play. It could take the form of a harmless compliment, or it could be as straightforward as a licentious remark that tiptoes the borders of decency. All of us have done this at some point to playfully show our interest in a certain person we find attractive. However, it is important to know that a friend should behave. While we can get away with a few teasing remarks, too much flirting could lead anyone into trouble.
The sooner you weed out the bad friends, the better you’ll start to feel about your social life. So which friends should you finally let go of?

17 Mar 2016 16:23

friends are friends and its owkie to JOKE around with them but FLIRTING is different word .when i guy frnd jokes with me i can joke bck...if hes INDIRECTLY flirting i just try to ignore unless he DIRECTLY flirts then i usually say straight to the point that i dnt like him flirting with me.jokes have limits too..if its too much then we have to put a boundary in between else that frnd would think that we like him flirting with us.

17 Mar 2016 16:48

May I help u

17 Mar 2016 17:46

tit for tat

17 Mar 2016 18:09

srry u hv mstkn me bt i hv tld u bcz u r a gud frnd fr me dats only i tld u..............