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9 Mar 2016 09:17

Sky WalkIn
The Costa Rican rainforest, life exists at all levels and the amazing Sky Walk treetop canopy bridge in Monteverde has been created to allow visitors to experience the heady heights of a tropical rainforest and view at first hand the natural wonders of the plants and animals species existing there.englishinbsas / 123RF Stock PhotoIn fact, 90% of all organisms in the rainforest are found high up at the treetop canopy level. The forest here in Monteverde is particularly rich in species of orchids and bromeliads known as epiphytes that exist without soil at incredible heights, absorbing moisture and dust through their roots from the air around them. Treetop canopy bridges like these have enabled biologists far easier access to their sources of study, where they previously had to work perilously highup using ropes and hoists to gain access. The trail consists of 6 treetop canopy bridges, the longest nearly 1000 ft, and is open to visitors and suitable for most people of reasonable fitness with guided tours lasting a few hours.
Friends please post here any such bridge you know.

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Record Breaking Heights
The record for the highest bridge in the world goes to the Chinese suspension bridge in the Hubei Province, the Sidu River Bridge. It's two bright yellow pylons stand either side of the gorge, with stunning views of the deep green forested hillsides for miles around.Photo from WebWhen it was constructed, the pilot ropes for the installation of the first cables were actually fired into place by rockets, due to the perilous location which prohibited the use of helicopters or boats. The bridge opened in 2009 and cost $100 million (720 million yuan) to build.

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Glass bridge, China

10 Mar 2016 18:14

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Glass bridge, China

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The Mackinac Bridge, Michigan

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