Indian forum: Other - Many Selfies: Good or Bad?
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15 Feb 2016 12:58

Do you remember a time when the word “selfie” didn’t exist? It wasn’t that long ago. We were all blissfully ignorant of every little detail of each other’s faces. Now, it’s actually impossible to go on the internet and not see yet another “spontaneous” self portrait someone just had to post. But you don’t have to be one of those people. There’s a lot more to life than your own face, so why not turn the camera the other way around for once?1. No one cares.I know. It’s hard to believe. But it’s true. You may be beautiful, but there’s literally no one in the world thatneeds to see pictures of your face from 12 different angles. No one. Your cleavage is never an accident, but nice try. Bonus points if you’re leaning forward, or blatantly pushing your curves together with your arms. Post your honest opinion friends.

15 Feb 2016 16:23


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16 Feb 2016 08:03

Good Fo Boyz An Bed Fo Girls... its true...

16 Feb 2016 10:12


16 Feb 2016 22:01
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16 Feb 2016 23:00

No comments pls....

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