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4 Feb 2016 21:58

Your favorate sport and why

5 Feb 2016 09:05

cricket is favour sport because cricket made history and save them cricket is best things to share it each other and cricket make same good activity thats why cricket is my favourite sport game

5 Feb 2016 09:11

Right bro.....

5 Feb 2016 10:24

thank bro

5 Feb 2016 14:05

5 Feb 2016 14:11

Led by India’s finest all rounder Kapil Dev the team pulled off a seemingly impossible win to clinch the World Cup. The mass euphoria that followed was heightened by the happy accident that TV sets were starting to enter homes of Indian middle class. Thus with live telecast of matches even in smaller centres cricket became the default option for kids. An entire generation of cricketers emerged taking the game to new heights.

5 Feb 2016 16:09


5 Feb 2016 20:43
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6 Feb 2016 04:54

running i like to run faster than everyone and itz my desire since childhood

6 Feb 2016 07:25
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6 Feb 2016 07:49

Football. Don't ask me why.

6 Feb 2016 08:04

I like to Play Cricket, Vollyball,

6 Feb 2016 08:28

Patentiro, Chinese garter, jackstone,hide and seek, sipa bola and many many more

6 Feb 2016 11:23

Good one desi boy #hardy

6 Feb 2016 11:24

Great bro i also like to runing #edge of the blade

6 Feb 2016 11:27

really ijandgt mdgad jpamg answer #keimabias

6 Feb 2016 11:30

Can u plz explain this exotic games :luvly143

6 Feb 2016 12:10

only cricket
i m crezy about cricket

6 Feb 2016 14:34

I like football,cricket, volleyball I like cricket more than football and volleyball because India performing well in cricket

6 Feb 2016 16:52

Thats goood