Indian forum: Romance & Friendship - How online dating is killing commitment?
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30 Jan 2016 04:10

Millions of women think love is just a click away but an internet romance can ruin your chance of a lasting relationship.
There is striking evidence to suggest that the web is causing social change. Traditionally, women might have had one or two boyfriends before getting married; now, they are encouraged to date lots of people in a quest to find a perfect partner.With an unlimited number of other people on offer via the internet, there’s little incentive to work it out if things get tough. And with the cloak of anonymity the net provides, it’s never been easier to be unfaithful.
‘It’s left men and women on a never-ending hunt for the perfect partner, thinking: “A few more dates and I’ll find The One.” In my work, I’ve met plenty of women who think there’s always a better guy out there.
What is your ideas friends?

1 Feb 2016 15:56

online dating..real love..real love...just same in my opinio...depends on the people involve...whether online or real one should be true with the commitment we vowed to the one we love but then commitment i think have no value for those people who doesnt know the word HONESTY & LOYALTY..thats my opinion.