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23 Jan 2016 13:17

There was a beautiful girl who was admired by
four men. A singer, A hunter, A doctor, and A
fisherman. One day she went to wash her clothe
by the river. Co-cidently the four men where
there. All of a sudden a crocodile bit her and
dragged her into the water. The singer
immediately composed a butiful song, the
crocodile raise his head above the water to
listen... The hunter shot dead the crocodile and
the girl floated on water. The fisherman dive in
and brought her to the shore, then the doctor
treated her and she was well again.
Now who deserve to marry the girl among the four@[\b]

25 Jan 2016 13:52
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25 Jan 2016 19:08

its difficult to say who deserve the girl,becoz all of them save her life,I think the singer deserve the girl becoz, the hunter shoot and save the girl like her brother, the fisherman save the girl from sinking so he behave like her father, and the doctor save her life in her injury like god, so the singer is the best choice of her boyfriend, lover etc

25 Jan 2016 22:26

Every one has a logic and everything has different logics... So the fact is anybody could marry her and anybody could save her.. There is no necessity that a particular deed is to be a father god or brother... Its finally the girls wish and what will happen is uunnown..

25 Jan 2016 23:45
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25 Jan 2016 23:51
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26 Jan 2016 05:09


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26 Jan 2016 18:28

Its me me me paani the no.1 chatter and lover

26 Jan 2016 21:43
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