Indian forum: Romance & Friendship - Is Romantic Love Necessary For Happiness?
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23 Jan 2016 05:38

Romantic love implies a fairy tale-like quality, and is completely necessary for happiness. Romance is how we, as humans, escape the daily trials of life in modern society. Through romantic love, we find someone very similar to ourself, who helps us to become a better person. It is my idea friends. Please feel free to post your ideas.

25 Jan 2016 10:51


25 Jan 2016 18:58

no...if our loved one loves us more than we gives more happy than ever...

25 Jan 2016 19:29

I think its depend on the person that what he wants, becoz happiness is no bar, its established all around the world, some people search happyness in bhakti, some search happyness in lover, some search happyness to help others, so romantic love is not necessary for happyness OK lol

26 Jan 2016 05:16

sometime its necessary to express our feelings in such a way that our loving one becomes happy although it would be fighting instead of romance depends upon her