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17 Jan 2016 19:17

BjP leaders are hurting Muslim again and again... Even they doing wrong comment on a muslim actor aamir khan for his just one comment for Muslim what against BjP govt. Now what is the solution to free Muslim from this torture... How to show religion islam proper respect... And what is your comment, what is the proper solution of this situation... Why muslim will tolerate this jealousy...

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21 Jan 2016 21:28

No response... This is unity between different religions people in India shame on them who yet love bjp govt. We Bangladeshi are poor but have unity and we can raise our voice for other religions too...
if I start saying about ... Religion. You sure will show that you can raise voice but indeed you are a joker nothing more... Shame on you...

21 Jan 2016 22:02

21 Jan 2016 22:13

to be honest I DON'T KNOW BUT first I was thinking is RESPECT AND UNITY NO MATTER if you are Christian or Muslim or whatever your religion is

21 Jan 2016 22:15

I hope this problem will be address properly by both parties

22 Jan 2016 01:54

22 Jan 2016 04:41

kyoki katuve kisi ke nhi hote isliye

22 Jan 2016 04:42

u r senseless as ur user name suggest lol hehe

22 Jan 2016 07:49
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22 Jan 2016 07:54
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22 Jan 2016 11:01

Thanks sinful bro...

12 Jun 2016 22:13

We all are Brothers and Sisters but some parties try to divide religions,castes,etc etc Aaj Desh bhar main jaatiwaad faila hua hai aur log isko rokne ke bajaye badhane main lage hue hain.. Muslims yeh yaad rakkhe bas ki yeh Desh jitna Anya Dharmo ka hai utna hi unka bhi hai..Chahe koyi kuch bhi kyun na kahe..

12 Feb 2017 19:27

Should not be here to tell the communalism