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4 Dec 2015 04:19

Dear friends please share your opinion about best and worst express trains of indian railway you have experienced so far except rajdhani and shatabdi

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4 Dec 2015 04:22

according to my experience
best :jodhpur express (howrah -jodhpur)
wrost train :udyan abha toofan express (howrah-sri ganga nagar)

5 Dec 2015 07:41

worst is local trains so many passing stops

5 Dec 2015 14:27

Train no. 12471/12472 Swaraj Express

5 Dec 2015 14:28

Train no. 12951/52/53/54/55/56 55/56 Jp-bct

5 Dec 2015 20:08

Train no. 12471/12472 Swaraj Express :best

7 Dec 2015 15:17

lagta hai yaha koi train me nei chara hai

7 Dec 2015 18:35
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8 Dec 2015 03:45

iamsimple bro tnx i was not aware of that mistke at all

8 Dec 2015 11:32

According to me is worst train netravati express

8 Dec 2015 19:34

Quote by Yashforu
According to me is worst train netravati express

8 Dec 2015 19:36

Utarbanga Express

8 Dec 2015 19:37


9 Dec 2015 03:10

Quote by PriyankaDey00000
Utarbanga Express

9 Dec 2015 14:06

9 Dec 2015 17:52

One thing I know a bit about is air-conditioning, ventilation, and heating systems, we had a lot of this on ships – and how important it is to keep monitoring the air quality achieved therein, especially when it is not a stand-alone wall-mount. Not just cleaning filters. But also ducts. Which, ashore, are more often neglected from date of installation till when they are torn down.
Simply put – if you have ever seen the insides of air-conditioning ducts, and if they have not been cleaned out at least every month if not oftener, then you may never want to sit, sleep or hang around for too long in an air-conditioned room again.
So how is it with trains?
Till today, I have never received a satisfactory response from Indian Railways, top-down to operational staff onboard, on what are the standards for maintenance and cleanliness of air-conditioning ducts on trains. What happens during routine maintenance is anybody’s guess. Some trains,like the Rajdhanis, have prioritieis. Some don’t, and hopefully they clean atleast the filters. There is usually a man claiming to be an electrician or air-conditioning staff riding with the train

9 Dec 2015 17:57

with a pair of pliers and some insulation tape hanging from his belt, and that’s it. That is one reason I miss the old non-AC first slass, and also prefer to travel by second sleeper non-AC.
Incidentally, air quality inside accomodation areas on ships, along with quality and safety of drinking water, were amongst the top-most priorities in our little eco-system there. Which is also why you will often find marine engineers in organisations where this is important, like 5-star hotels, and which is why, off-topic, also, you should look at the inherent disadvantages of reserse osmosis derived water, too.
But back to why second class sleeper on some trains and on some sectors in India is a better idea than the air-conditioned and therefore costlier options. Time taken is the same, remember?
The other reasons are that it is easier to score a lower berth in the Sleeper class, since there are hardly any VIPs blocking them off, as is the case in 1st or 2nd AC. No point paying a minor fortune months in advance, and then finding that an undefined free-rider VIP has parked his red beacon on the lower berth, and you are balancing yourself on the carrier, upper berth. And of course,

9 Dec 2015 17:58


9 Dec 2015 17:59

Ache baat hai

9 Dec 2015 20:29

Worst train is....