Indian forum: Romance & Friendship - Online Love-- Is it real or wasting of time?
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5 Nov 2015 08:56

With all the online dating that goes on today, it is difficult to say who is serious and who is just playing with your emotions and wasting your time. Many become victims of false love online, believing they have finally found someone special who truly understands them and sees them in a way no one was ever able to see them before, only find out that they were being toyed with emotionally, taken advantage of and used. Finding Love online is not impossible and there are many success stories out there, but like all dating, it does not come without its risks and challenges. If you are prepared and understand the world of online dating, you can find a real meaningful loving relationship. What is your opinion friends?

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5 Nov 2015 20:18
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5 Nov 2015 20:47
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6 Nov 2015 05:05

98%westiing of time and 2% depend on ur luck .....ha ha

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6 Nov 2015 07:06

Dating sites are for people who have a tough time in getting a gf or a bf. You can't say it's a complete waste oftime because in real life when you are in front of them, they have to reply but online they don't have to do such thing. They can ignore you and they have the full liberty to do so.It may also be because on dating sites, most of the people are perverts.

6 Nov 2015 07:08
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6 Nov 2015 09:46
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6 Nov 2015 09:57

Online love is a way to increase efficiency

6 Nov 2015 09:58
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6 Nov 2015 10:00

India is a free country...freedom to speech h yahn pe

6 Nov 2015 10:03
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6 Nov 2015 10:54

Quote by laviza62
Wasting of time :(

Jo baate aapne kiyyee na ho uspw tho comment mat karo

6 Nov 2015 10:57
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6 Nov 2015 12:03
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