Indian forum: Religion - Is this God lives in world????????
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26 Oct 2015 15:04

Why you said god is created and safer u????

27 Oct 2015 17:58

if u belive in dark enagry then must to belive in a god

27 Oct 2015 21:05

No. god lives in Heart

28 Oct 2015 04:15

Ya ofcourse

28 Oct 2015 04:24

God lives in the sky. Jo muslim acs ko ma na ga nhi,wo khafer hai

28 Oct 2015 04:37

Mano to dev nahi to patthar,

28 Oct 2015 08:47

god is inside us
god is every where god doesn't need any shape or image
as baba said shrada and saburi be good do Good
work hard in that u can see the god

1 Nov 2015 03:45

I don't know. This is a complete mystery. Science does not believe in God

24 Nov 2015 09:51

God is everywhere. God created the world, and sat in every live things. Your heart is the temple of the God.