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18 Oct 2015 16:11

Do u agree that indian speak better english than other country.........if YES then Why?

20 Oct 2015 15:24


20 Oct 2015 18:14

as a gujarati
we r not

20 Oct 2015 18:15

yeah.. How

20 Oct 2015 18:55


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20 Oct 2015 18:58
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20 Oct 2015 19:05

Correct bro

20 Oct 2015 20:42


21 Oct 2015 06:28

Hi friends

21 Oct 2015 06:30

yes but why ka kya answer kya ho sakhta hai!!!!??? bolte hain to bolte hain

21 Oct 2015 09:39

Indians dont speak pure english but common they can easily without accents lol

21 Oct 2015 09:44

For as long as I can remember myself, I’ve been fascinated with the English language and all things related to it.
I had my first encounter with English when I was around ten years old, and I haven’t stopped loving and learning the language ever since!
Surely, there were plenty of challenges along the way, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I didn’t actually achieve English fluency up until seven years ago. I arrived in Ireland back in 2002 and it took me five years to figure out what exactly I’d been doing wrong all along in terms of my English improvem ent.
Anyway, that hasn’t changed my love for the language and nowI believe more strongly than ever that ENGLISH IS THE WORLD’S LANGUAGE– at least that’s how I feel about it, and here are 10 reasons why I think so:
1. English is the Business & Finance Language
Let’s face it my friends – nowadays the global economy is more consolidated than ever, large corporations have established themselves all over the world in almost every country and all stock, commodity and currency markets are so closely tied up that even the tiniest changes in an important stock price will have a immediate effect on other prices worldwide.
It is only common sense that in a situation like this a common language would be chosen to make the information flow as easy and effortless as possible, and whether you like it or not – English is the language serving this purpose!
2. Worldwide Domination of Hollywood Blockbusters
Yes, there are a lot of regional film markets in other languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Chinese, Russian – you name it!
Yes, all Hollywood films get dubbed in those languages for local consumption and also we can’t ignore the fact that nowadays your geographical location is irrelevant. Even if you’re a Russian speaker living in Brazil, I’m pretty sure there are ways of acquiring the latest Hollywood blockbusters dubbed in Russian for free online within a matter of milliseconds.
Still, if you consider the following:
*.Hollywood is the Mecca of film-making. Many foreign actorsdown through the yearshave learned to speak in English for the simple reason that you have to speak the language to be the part of the game!
*.Millions of foreigners watch Hollywood films IN ENGLISH with help of subtitles (which inadvertently wires the language into peoples’ brain);
*.A lot of film catch-phrases havegone down in historyjust the way they’re said in English (“I’ll be back”, “Say hello to my little friend” and a million others!)…
… you have to admit that English is the prevalent language in the movie industry.
3. If You Want to Make It to the Big Stage – You’ve Gotta Sing in English!
I hope you’re not going to dispute this one my friends because you know only too well that I’m in the right!
Sure enough, there’s LOADS of Latino pop and dance music around (and its popularity is definitely on the rise, there’s no doubt about that

21 Oct 2015 09:48


21 Oct 2015 11:20
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22 Oct 2015 20:40
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23 Oct 2015 00:04

10% of Indain knows English only, then how come we speak better then other countries.