Indian forum: Fashion - Why indians are following western fashion ??? Why don't we think about our own fashion ?
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17 Sep 2015 08:50

I want your views

17 Sep 2015 10:38

Fashion . . I mean the western one. . .came from india only. . . Pants came from dhoti . . . And bra . . .got birth in indian history . . even nude and tatoos. . . Search for if you mind. . .

17 Sep 2015 11:17

Nthng to say abt it

17 Sep 2015 13:30

becomes we r not belive on our self
our telent divort to other country

17 Sep 2015 16:39
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17 Sep 2015 21:26

Becoz I can wrote in punjabi, hindi, marathi but I want that everyone should understand my topic express their views . Any other doubt rizzz111 ???

17 Sep 2015 21:27

I can write in hindi english

17 Sep 2015 21:33

I don't no

17 Sep 2015 21:34

Umm what a fkn nice topic. That's what i do think about and i do. but now a days our culture dresses has became so expensive. If u want buy good quality and well finished indian dressses(for men) u need at least over 5k per set. But if we go for western we can have good loking closthes in just under 1k. So that's the another problem

17 Sep 2015 21:38

Hmmmm I agree with u rahul7545

18 Sep 2015 14:12
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18 Sep 2015 14:14
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18 Sep 2015 20:58

coze in western dress we feel comfortable low budget

20 Sep 2015 13:33

bcoz v r indians.

21 Sep 2015 17:05

since it has became status symbol ....if you dont follow western fashion . u will get discriminated in scoiety ...even though following your cultural fashion is good for health ..

21 Sep 2015 17:06

Quote by Snehaammu87
coze in western dress we feel comfortable low budget
but people getting skin disease also especially who live in hot and humid part of india ...coz of skin tight jeans

21 Sep 2015 17:09

Quote by Snehaammu87
coze in western dress we feel comfortable low budget
khadi kurta paijama is more cheaper than western outfits can u say that yu get it in low budget

21 Sep 2015 19:57

21 Sep 2015 19:59

22 Sep 2015 09:47

As day change the fashion also getting change and soon we all were getting to western culture. As some people used to wear celebrity Second Hand Clothing Wholesale