Indian forum: Other - Why is WhatsApp so popular??????
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29 Jul 2015 10:37

1-- . Seriously, none. WhatsApp remains completely ad-free.
"When we sat down to start our own thing together three years ago we wanted to make something that wasn’t just another ad clearinghouse," the company explains on their blog. "Remember, when advertising is involved
you the user are the product."
2. It's Cheap
WhatsApp allows users to send messages for free over the Internet, so it bypasses phone carriers that may otherwise charge users to send texts over their networks. It’s also free to install.
3. Works on Most Phones
That includes Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia and Windows smartphones.
4. No Need to Add Contacts
When you download the app, WhatsApp automatically scans through your address book and connects you with those who have WhatsApp installed on their phones.
5. No International Charges
With WhatsApp, it's possible to avoid the relatively costly practice of sending SMS (Short Message Service) text messaging overseas.
6. Online Stalking ... Ahem, Monitoring
WhatsApp has a “last seen” or “online” timestamp feature, which tells you if your contacts are online, and the last the time were connected to WhatsApp.
7. Status Updates Galore
Whether you want to be available, busy, sleeping, or at the gym, it's easy to get creative with your status update.
8. Personalize Group Messaging
With WhatsApp you can broadcast a message to many contacts, but each person will get the message individually ----

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30 Jul 2015 15:18

I dnt know

30 Jul 2015 15:20

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30 Jul 2015 17:08

Most of the answers here sum up exactly why WhatsApp is so popular rather well.
I always find though, that some still don't understand how it can become so popular considering many others, like X, do the same thing.
Ease of use in populating your contact list
Let X = Skype, GTalk, YahooIM, FB Messenger, iMessage, etc.
For all those cases, you'd need to build up your contact list by adding your friends' usernames. This is one of the key reasons for WhatsApp's popularity.
Most people would have a list of their friends' phone numbers. After all, we've all had phone numbers long before any social media or instant messaging apps became the norm. It would then be highly convenient and useful to be able to instantly text someone, instead of first having to populate your contact list by asking your friend for his email address, or Skype ID.
And before you say that everyone has an email address or a Skype ID or Facebook these days, NO. That's not true. Some people just don't. Or would rather not use Facebook. But it is more likely that everyone has a phone number instead.
No matter how good it is, a messaging app has to have users who use it
So what happens if X = Kakao Talk, Viber, Line, WeChat?
These apps, from my brief experience, do just about the same thing as WhatsApp (with regards to populating your contact list by just using phone numbers) so they have no inherent disadvantage in that area.
In such a case, the popularity of the app will then be dependent on the number of people around you that are using the same said app. For e.g., in Singapore, there are many users who use Line and WeChat. However, WhatsApp is still the dominant app, and is still the go-to app for communication. It has pretty much replaced SMS for most of us.
I suppose if you're currently based in Korea, Kakao Talk would then be your go-to app by virtue of the number of people around you that are using it.

30 Jul 2015 17:11

fake id nahi he whats app par is liye popular he

30 Jul 2015 17:13

Quote by sachu7585
fake id nahi he whats app par is liye popular he

u are right bro
its popular bcoz it doesn't have any kind of user ids.

30 Jul 2015 17:15

it is absolutely true

30 Jul 2015 17:26

Quote by chotu1111
Quote by sachu7585
fake id nahi he whats app par is liye popular he

u are right bro
its popular bcoz it doesn't have any kind of user ids.

fake id hai watsapp par aur ban v sakati hai

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16 Sep 2015 20:53

I don't know why facebook is soo popular.

20 Nov 2015 19:55
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12 Dec 2015 14:23

Quote by Hints_For_Life
I don't know why facebook is soo popular.
avide owner vare real own accounta using. Ivide nere marichum. Kettitille, aashanonnu pizhachal aksharam 51 pizhakkum shishianu. Hmmmm