Indian forum: Ladies only - How to stop your hair from splitting??
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23 Jul 2015 17:17

How can u stop ur hair from splitting??

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24 Jul 2015 09:56

24 Jul 2015 19:35

u need to apply oil
take oil massage and take head bath
don't live ur hair dry s
if its dry splits with start

5 Aug 2015 05:24

(i) Limit your use of blow dryers, straight irons, hot curlers or any other heat styling products. Let yourhair air dry. In any case if you have to use hair dryers, keep it at cool setting.(ii) Do not rub towel to dryout your hair.(iii) Do not brush wet hair,because that’s when it is at its most vulnerable stage.(iv) Detangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb.(v) Use a natural-bristle hair brush that does not pull on your hair to break it off, thereby causing split ends.(vi) Limit your going out in the summer sun. Wear a hat to block the sun-rays, as UV rays can cause split ends and breaking of hair.(vii) Avoid or limit use of chemically based products to repair split ends.(viii) For split end treatment, go for a diet rich in nutrients like protein, omega 3 fatty acid, vitamin A and C and selenium. Foods rich in folic acid include leafy vegetables, oranges, soybeans and wheat.(ix) For split end repair include Biotin in your diet,as it strengthens both hair and nails and helps in preventing split ends. Brown rice, lentils, sunflower seeds, walnuts,soybeans and walnuts are rich in biotin.Follow above natural beauty tips abouthow to fix, repair and get rid of split ends to have healthyand thick hair.

6 Aug 2016 21:27
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