Indian forum: Other - How do you make girls feel secure with a boy?
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7 Jun 2015 10:48

If you are talking about girls in general, there is nothing you can do. But that shouldn't matter. It should only matter when you are interested in one specific girl, and then you should talk to him/ her. If she won't talk to you, then there's nothing you can do to make her feel secure. If she is ever secure with you, it will be because of something she has done internally.

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8 Jun 2015 18:57
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9 Jun 2015 05:23
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9 Jun 2015 06:30
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9 Jun 2015 07:17

If u has behaviour like brother to bhai tere sath sabhi ladkiye secure feel kare gi

9 Jun 2015 15:46
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14 Jun 2015 08:20

when they try to trust the guy n

2 Aug 2015 17:29

soch aur niyat shi honi chahiye bas aur kuch nhi

16 Sep 2015 20:55


3 Oct 2015 17:41

tum bahut smart bnti ho par vada jo kiya usse abhi tak pura nhi kiya isse tum zyada jhut bolti ho ladke kam

10 Oct 2015 19:01

By being real n talkng casually abt life n stuff

20 Nov 2015 19:48
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