Indian forum: Ladies only - What are five things girls hate about being in India?
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7 Jun 2015 10:22

I am SO glad that someone asked this question, because I have wanted to rant about this for such a long
Disclaimer: I know there are lot of more "India-relevant" problems that girls face - female foeticide/infanticide, the dowry system, the fairness obsession - but I wanted to write about a few more personal problems that have always frustrated me. And yes, to all you apologists out there, these are extremely common and yes, I would face them in any other country but only if it was a Third World country which had way bigger issues on its mind (and somehow I doubt that's what India aspires to be - just another Third World country).

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8 Jun 2015 16:06
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10 Sep 2015 13:42

Problems are there for a woman in every corner of the world but I m proud to be an indian and be in india.

19 Jan 2016 19:24

thr r many problms but all female related problms arise out of sex discrimination and primitive mindset of indian society that females r weaker than males both physically n mentally...women hv to face female foeticide,domestic violences,dowry,hijab, polygamy...ooofff indian men n his outrageous beliefs...

8 Feb 2016 14:02

I CNT wear wat I feel free in out of my house. and I feel weird getting stared like that.

6 Aug 2016 21:24

Eve teasing.. N sum creepy guys staring ad if they are seeing the creature called "GIRL " for the first tym

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