Indian forum: Family & kids - Should same sex marriages be legalized in India?
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31 May 2015 06:13

The phase of same – sex marriage is
changing constantly throughout the
world. Recently, the Ireland
government legalized the concept of
same – sex marriage. The world was
hit by a great shock wave, when the
Catholic and the traditionally
conservative Ireland approved to the
concept of same – sex marriage.
Ireland became the first country in
the world to accept the same – sex
marriage by popular vote. Around
62% of the Irish population
supported the concept of legalizing
the same – sex marriage in the
In India, the homosexual intercourse
was made punishable under Section
377 of IPC (Indian Penal Code) of
1860. The same – sex marriages are
not yet legalized in India.

31 May 2015 06:14

Yes - Same – sex marriages should
be legalized in India.
- Control population – Legalizing the
same – sex marriages is an
alternative way to have a control
over the increasing population. As
the same – sex couples would not be
able to produce children, there
would be a control on the
- Helping hand – As the same – sex
couples are incapable of producing
their own kids, they may turn their
mind towards adoption. This may
prove as a helping hand to a large
number of orphans.
- Benefits by government – The
government provides certain
benefits to the married couples and
if the same – sex marriage is
legalized, these benefits would
confer also upon these people. The
government provides security,
military, health or other social
- Family – The same – sex couples ,
like other couples, would also wish
to get married to their partner. The
lack of opportunity for the gays or
lesbians to formalize their relation,
would affect not only them, but also
their family. The same – sex couple
do not live in an isolation. They too
do have a family and a circle of
- Support of religion – Today, most of
the same – sex marriages are having
a strong support on behalf of the
churches. Gene Robinson, who is a
gay and a former bishop states that
god exist where love bosoms.
According to him, Bible does not go
against or support the concept of
same – sex marriages.
- Sparing the couples from trauma -
The gay/ lesbian couples are usually
harassed by the police on various
grounds. Leagalising these marriages
would help them save the trouble.

31 May 2015 06:16

No, India should not legalize the
concept of same – sex marriages.
- Stops the family generation – It is a
well known fact that the same – sex
couples will not be able to reproduce
their own kids and this would bring
down their family generation. Having
a kid of your own is an integral part
of the marriage systems and the
- Need of both parents – A child
needs both a mother as well as a
father. Children who are raised
without a mother are deprived of the
emotional safety. Children who are
raised by same – sex parents face
more difficulties rather than the
normal kids.
- Marriage is not a right – According
to the Convention for the Protection
of Human Rights and Fundamental
Freedom, marriage is not a right but a
privilege. The society should oppose
the people marrying from the same
sex. Marriage is a traditional concept
which takes place between a man
and a woman.
- Marriage institution – The same –
sex marriages weaken the institution
of marriage. India is a country where
the traditions are followed since time
immemorial. In India, the institution
of marriage is defined as a process
which takes place between a man
and woman.
- Immoral – The same-sex marriages
are considered to be immoral in most
parts of the world including India.
Around 50% of the people who have
undertaken the activity of
homosexuality, know that what they
are doing is immoral and unnatural.
Marriage is considered to be pure and
homosexual people tend to break
that concept. Majority of the people
in North America consider same –
sex marriages as a sin.
- Religion – Few religious texts like
Quran also go against the concept of
same – sex marriage. Quran has a
saying that when a mounts another
man, the throne of the God shakes.
The scriptures also consider the
lesbian intercourse as an unlawful
intercourse. No ideologies have been
created which deletes the concept of
man marrying a woman.

31 May 2015 06:16

With Ireland legalizing the concept of
same – sex marriage, we hope that
few other countries would also join
this ideology. There are still many
orthodox countries which shut their
door to the idea of same – sex
relations. Apart from legal, there are
many moral and social aspects of
same sex relationships. In the near
future, India might support the
concept of same – sex marriages.

9 Feb 2016 10:55

Yea it shld b legal... Ppl shld get d opportunity to love n liv aid whom dey love..