Indian forum: Food - Should Maggi Be Banned?
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30 May 2015 12:32

No one can ever forget the two
minute advertisement of Maggi. It is
one of the most loved fast-food in
India. The fans would now have to
deal with a bad news as Indian food
inspectors have asked Nestle India
to recall a consignment of Maggi
Noodles from northern state of U.P.
The inspectors claimed that Maggi
Noodles contain high levels of MSG
and lead. The ongoing problem can
also result in a ban on Maggi in
India. Do you think Maggi should be

30 May 2015 12:33

• If the claim of Indian food
inspectors about LEAD content
being 17 times higher than the
standard is true, then definitely
Nestle should be put under the
legal scrutiny and Maggi should be
• Maggi Noodles is a junk food that
targets youngsters and children.
They need healthy food to live a
healthy life.
• Till now the tests have shown that
Maggi sample contained MSG and
lead. Those people who support
MSG should not forget that the
problem extends to excess lead
• There is an increasingly growing
trend of junk foods and that needs
to be stopped at some place. It is
high time such kind of products
should be prohibited from market.
• The chemicals present in Maggi
and other noodles are harmful for
children and often lead to weight
gain, liver inflammation, brain
damage and other severe health

30 May 2015 12:34

• US FDA considers the addition of
MSG to be “generally recognized as
safe.” Although there might be
some people who are sensitive to
MSG, but that doesn’t means Maggi
should be banned.
• MSG is naturally present in many
regular foods, like tomatoes,
cheeses, potatoes and mushrooms.
People across the world have
consumed glutamate-rich products
throughout history.
• There are many other junk foods
available in the market which in no
way can be termed as healthy food.
If Maggi has to be banned, all those
foods should also be banned.
• Don’t forget that Cigarette and
tobacco consumption is legal in
India despite the fact that they have
harmful impact on health.
There is an increasingly growing
trend of fast and junk foods In India.
The availability of such foods makes
children and youngsters careless
about their health. It becomes
tough for parents to control eating
habits of their children. There is a
need of change that can be
witnessed through stringent
regulations. It is a high time to take
some strict measures against the
companies that follow negligent
approach in food production
The strict steps should be taken not
just against Maggi but all the junk
food should be evaluated on health
standards and a stringent action
should be taken to save the coming

6 Jun 2015 15:11

now its banned..:good

8 Dec 2015 11:33

The ban on Maggie is removed. People have started purchasing it. Baba Ram Dev's Maggie is also in the competition. It is on us now what we are choosing. I suggest, we should limit the consumption of Maggie as it is not healthy. Baba Ram Dev's maggie is comparatively better.

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