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30 May 2015 08:29

Women are considered to be the
backbone of a family as they have
a high level of patience to deal
with every issue. Since many
decades, the world has been
witnessing the power of women.
Some women prefer to stay as
housewives while some decide to
continue working even after
marriage. Earlier, the people across
the world were narrow minded and
they restricted women from
working. Even today, countries
such as Afghanistan restrict the
women from achieving education
and working after marriage.
But today, the world has started
accepting the strength and power
of the women. Even the countries
like Saudi Arabia came out of their
nutshell of not allowing the
women to work, travel etc by
allowing their woman to
participate in an official sports
event in 2012.
Every man has a dream about the
woman in his life and he might also
has a desire that she should be
either a housewife or a working
women. What would you prefer the
woman of your dreams to be - a
housewife or the one working in
outside world?

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30 May 2015 12:16

- More time – A housewife has
more time to spend with her family
and kids. They do not face any time
limits and thus, they do not need
to hurry with their life. A
housewife is free from the control
of an angry or depressed boss and
can take her own time in doing the
household chores.
- Relaxed – A housewife can relax
when she is sick and need not be
answerable to anyone. She is free
from the work stress and meeting
the deadline of her work. One of
the reasons why most of the
marriages fail is due to the
constant stress. A housewife is
free of this stress.
- More freedom – A housewife
experiences more freedom than
the working women. She is not
answerable to any fiery boss
regarding any matter and she does
not have to seek any body's
permission when she is not well.
When you are a housewife, you are
your own boss. This freedom keeps
her happy and going.
- Watching your kids grow – The
main advantage of being a
housewife is to watch your kids
grow. The biggest guilt a working
couple faces is the lack of time
that they devote to their kids. A
housewife always stays with her
kid and ultimately, becomes their
best friend. This keep the man of
the family relaxed as his kids are in
safe hands and being looked after
- Learning new skills – A
housewife has a lot of time to
spare for the activities they like.
They can engage themselves in
cooking classes, gardening etc and
explore new skills. They can also
practice their existing skills and
can develop themselves. This gives
them a feeling of achievement and
keeps them happier. A happy
relationship goes a long way.
- Can utilize both worlds – The two
worlds are always open to a
housewife. She can sit at home and
take care of her family as well as
do some part time work from home.
This helps her grow professionally
while taking care of house and

30 May 2015 12:17

Working Woman
- Financial Support – The main
advantage of a working women is
that they are a big financial
support to their family in this world
of ever rising inflation.
- Source of inspiration – Working
women always act as a source of
inspiration for their kids as well as
their family. They come across the
difficulties of the outer world and
also find a solution to them. These
ideas can many a times be
extremely helpful to children and
man of the family.
- Independent - This class of
women are more independent and
efficient on managint the outdoor
chores very well. The man feels
more comfortable as he doesn't
have to deal with everything in the
outer world for his family.
- More satisfied – When the
woman gets a chance to realise her
own dreams, she feels more
satisifed and is less complaining
which keep the environment at
home happy.
Being a housewife or a working
woman is a personal choice & both
can be equally good - what's
important to marry a right person
rather than his/ her profession.

13 Jun 2015 06:21
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