Indian forum: Sports - T20 is killing the real cricket!
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30 May 2015 08:27

The T 20, also known as World Twenty
20 is a cricket league which is
organized by the International Cricket
Council (ICC). There is a four year gap
between the existing and next
scheduled tournament of T 20.
Cricket has always been the most
popular game. Recently, IPL (Indian
Premiere League) has also been an
important part of the T 20 concept.
The T 20 of 2016 took place in India
whereas, the tournament of 2020 is
scheduled to take place in Australia.
But many people claim that T20 kills
the actual spirit of cricket. It is just a
money game. Do you believe so?

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30 May 2015 08:36

No – T 20 is not killing the real cricket.
- Entertaining game – We are all aware
of the fact that T 20 is a more
interesting game than the normal
cricket. The viewers in the gallery are
extremely supportive and enthusiastic.
The game begins with the dance and
huge pomp and show. T 20 is a
complete entertainment package.
- Attracts the interest – Earlier the
cricket games were played for 50
overs. T 20 has changed the entire
concept of cricket in a positive way.
Today, people do not have enough
time and patience to watch a 50 over
game. The concept of T 20, where
there are only 20 overs, has increased
the interest of the people to watch the
- Acts as a practice game – T 20 is
much more like a practice game for the
players. It can be utilized for the
purpose of maintaining the fitness of
the players. In a T 20 game, the players
are always in a hurry to score
maximum runs. This helps them to
remain strong on the pitch.
- Acts as a morale boost – The normal
cricket of 50 overs carries a lot of
patience on part of the players. But, T
20 has made the game more
adventurous. The game gives a lot of
confidence to the players as they have
to chase a less score, when compared
to a 50 over match score.
- Talent provider – T 20 has given an
opportunity to many players to
showcase their talent in the field of
cricket. Young players like Manish
Pandey, Suresh Raina, who were not
well known before, gained a popularity
with the invention of T 20 matches.

30 May 2015 08:37

Yes – T 20 is killing the real cricket.
- Money basis – Today, with the
advent of T 20 games, players have
started playing for money. The recent
controversies of IPL T 20 showcase
that the game is all about match or
spot fixing. During the 50 over game,
players had a positive spirit and they
used to play for the nation. There is a
lack of national spirit among the
players in the T 20 game.
- Loosing the real cricketing skills –
The T 20 games have witnessed a lose
of the real cricketing skills. The
players are not interested in
developing any classical shots during
the T 20 matches. Classical shots
depicted the beauty of cricket.
- Retirement – There is a great chance
of players retiring from Test matches
and ODI's (One Day Internationals) to
focus on T 20. Players like Mahendra
Singh Dhoni, Shahid Afridi etc retired
from the Test series to concentrate
more on T 20 matches. This means the
nation is loosing great talented senior
players from the Test matches and
- Low level of patience – Most of the
players play for both T 20 and Test
matches. During T 20 matches, they
have a high patience level as they
have to score few runs in just 20 overs.
But when it comes to Test matches or
ODI's the scenario is quite different.
They are long matches which goes on
up to five days. The players loose their
level of patience and confidence in
Test or ODI matches after playing for T
- Less opportunity for bowlers – T 20 is
a batsman oriented format of cricket. It
ruins the skills of the bowlers. If the
bowler has to swing the ball in a
reverse way, the ball has to be an old
one. Since T 20 is a limited game,
bowlers do not get enough chance to
swing it.
Today, most of the people believe that
T 20 format has took over the older
concept of cricket. T 20 has become a
complete package of entertainment
and attracts a large number of people.
It is also believed that the concept of T
20 has corrupted the definition of
cricket. In the coming years, we can
definitely witness the real face of T 20.

9 Aug 2015 19:48

I don't think so.