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9 May 2015 13:25

What's the expectations about your husband ?

23 May 2015 10:47
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23 Jul 2015 14:51


30 Nov 2015 20:16

My future man must be a real gentleman. He knows what means to love and to be loved. He must be a strong man who knows how to make a woman happy. He has to be kind and gentle but at the same time very strong. He has to know what he wants in this life.

19 Jan 2016 19:31

he must b manly in his approach towrds life n ppl..he mus b loving,understanding n hard working...he must b someone who wud let the kid in me com out wen im wt him but wud kip me grounded too...most importantly he shud b able to read my mind bcos i tend to b secretive at times(cant help it ;m a scorpio)

i think im describing my man here...m lucky to hv such a man in my life

8 Feb 2016 14:04

he must b cute trustworthy loving caring and smart

7 Mar 2016 09:15

We walking together forever with love