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4 May 2015 15:27

Which is the most suitable party dress for girls/women and boys/men?

5 May 2015 09:10


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5 May 2015 12:05

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toh parties pe kya pehente ho janab aap?

5 May 2015 12:08

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toh parties pe kya pehente ho janab aap? :hm


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5 May 2015 12:11
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5 May 2015 12:22

Quote by -_NEEEL_-
For me, Its formal and casual depending on the event.,
I like wear to a party dress in that em i looking great,
That's côôl I was asking about a particular dress that you can wear in any party event. Business/cultural anywhere. And what about girls?

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5 May 2015 13:47

I like Formals on men. Properly dressed with matching Shoes n' Belts. A bow tie makes it better than a normal tie. And 4 girls Saree or Lahenga or sometimes Gowns. But should be Properly dressed. Not loose nor tight. If men and women are going together on a party they should talk before about what they r wearing and pick their dresses acordingly.

5 May 2015 14:49

The above post was just about what i think regarding the topic. Views can be different. If every1 will like the same things, then the world will become a boring place.

24 May 2015 14:42

cool dreass

25 May 2015 09:38
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30 Jun 2015 16:18

One piece Top is more gud and Attractive

24 Jul 2015 12:53

Long backless gown for the ladies and gentlemen need a fine suit

28 Jul 2015 08:23


6 Sep 2015 18:24


6 Feb 2017 18:51

Wear dress as situation and income.