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3 May 2015 18:45

I've been thinking for weeks and pondering over the question wether to make it only for women or to include men. I decided not to be sexist and to provide tips for both. To feel comfortable you must take care of your body and feel at ease with your inner self. Hence the opening of this thread aiming at providing beauty tips both for men and women. I hope you'll like and that you'll make the most of it finding out whatever is suitable for you.

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3 May 2015 18:47


RED has always been the sexiest lipstick colour – and the most daring.

Stars such as Kate WinsletAnne Hathaway and Megan Fox love it.

Now you can brighten up a dull January with the following selection of scorching shades.

And you needn’t be frightened to wear them, because this easy-to-follow guide will help you pick the perfect one to suit your skin tone.

Postbox red suits everybody but paler skins show it off best.

Try a shade with a blue undertone if you have fair skin. The blue also makes your teeth look whiter.
Pink, berry, plum and brick work best with the English rose complexion because they play down red skin tones.

If you have olive or dark skin, then go for golden, orange or earthy hues.

Keep the rest of your make-up simple to focus attention on your lips.

In the evening, team them with smoky eyes for an ultra- sexy look.

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3 May 2015 18:50


Don’t worry, it’s not un-manly to actually use something other than soap to cleanse and nourish your skin and hair. If you still cringe at the thought of proper grooming, baby you need help. Just try the following, and if you still aren’t doing well with women, perhaps the answer lies in the fashion tips.
Morning Call :
If you don’t already do this, honey, you are in big, big trouble. Washing your face in the morning is integral. Make sure you use a facial cleanser (no, not soap). An exfoliating scrub two to three mornings a week helps remove dead skin cells (the flaky stuff on your face the morning of a hangover) and prevents breaks-outs and blocked pores. Massage the scrub gently in a circular motion, and not in the manner you would remove grease from a frying pan.

The Shower
Lukewarm water is best, as hot water will strip your skin of its natural oils Use a loofah (a rough sponge made from the fruit of a tropical plant) to remove dead skin. Shampooing doesn’t just encompass hair, but your scalp as well Massage shampoo into your scalp with your fingertips and rinse. Use a conditioner to tame wild locksRinsing your hair thoroughly will prevent the build-up of shampoo residue that results in dry and "flat" hair.

Close Shave :
Best to shave while you are still in the shower as the steam softens the hair shafts. Shave with the grain as much as possible, and use a razor with two parallel blades to prevent less irritation. Once you are out of the shower, slap on alcohol-free toner followed by moisturiser to keep your cheeks and chin soft and your five o’clock shadow at bay.

Gel It Up :
Try not to blow-dry your hair too often as it will become brittle. To keep your glorious mane in place, use gentle styling products like gel, spray or a light mousse

Smelling Suave
No matter how much you think you don’t stink, it would be advisable to wear a scent-free antiperspirant-deodorant, followed by your fave cologne or perfume. Remember, two clashing scents can result in stench.

Pearly Whites
The best time to brush your teeth is right after breakfast. Brush for at least three minutes, including the small slab of muscle beneath your palette. Flossing regularly will get rid of food particles that can cause nasty tooth decays and toothaches.

Sun Screen
Guys are more vulnerable to the wind and sun because shaving strips away the uppermost layer of skin. Use water-based, oil free sunscreen and a UV-resistant lip balm

Working It Right :
There is no substitute for exercise. It keeps your blood circulating and therefore, your skin tight and supple.
Never, ever touch your face with hands that have been on shared gym equipment For obvious reasons, it promotes zits, blackheads and everything you don’t want on your face.

3 May 2015 18:55


Summer Care :
Wash your face with water after every 2 hours to avoid the grease on your skin. You can wash your face with just plain water, and then rub ice on your face

Hair Loss :
Boil 250 ml of mustard oil in a thin vessel. Add 60 gms of heena leaves gradually and continue boiling till they are burnt in the oil. Filter and store this mixture in the bottle. Massage hair regularly with this oil to prevent hair loss.

Anti-Wrinkle :
A mixture of juice of a quarter cucumber, egg white of 1 egg, a teaspoon lemon juice and a teaspoon of vodka makes an excellent anti-wrinkle lotion. Apply on your face and wash off after 10 minutes. Use at least twice a week.

Pimple-pimple :
To get rid of your pimple scars from the face apply tomato pulp every day and wash off after an hour.

For glowing skin :
Mix equal quantity of almond, rose water, glycerine and lemon juice. Apply on face and keep overnight. Wash off in the morning, first with warm water and then with cold water, to give a glowing effect to your face

Skin Tonic :
Mix together 1 egg yolk, 1 tsp honey and a pinch of turmeric and apply it for half an hour. You can preserve this mixture in fridge for around 20 days.

3 May 2015 19:04

The best makeup for brown skins would be colours from pale beige to rich brown.

Dark colours need shades that will complement their skin tones.
For Indians.

Fair :Natural
Brown : Beige
Dark brown : Tan
Use foundations and powder compacts according to your colour. If the exact shade you would like is not available then select a shade that is closest to your neck colour and add a little distilled water to make it more translucent.

On dark circles apply Foundation colour which is one shade lighter than the shade applied on the face. This will make dark circles around the eyes look lighter.

Brown mascara looks beautiful on dark colour. A black eye pencil rimming the eyes can give a stunning impression.

Eye shadow :

Soft eye shadow in brown giving the winged doe-eyed look would be excellent, this should blend into the upper brow bone, from a soft brown to soft brick brown. Soft brown eye shadow used on the lower lashes would complete the entire effect

Lipsticks :

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One of the perils of shaving your face is getting burns or nicks from the razor.

• First, always ensure that your blade is suitably sharp.

•Only apply the pressure you need - do not over press.

• Use cold water rather than warm when removing the cream

•Dry your face well

• Use a moisturising lotion over the area where you shaved once finished - this will help soothe the skin

3 May 2015 19:10


Our skin guards and protects every surface of our body. It does not take too much of trouble to take care of skin with the help of a few skin care secrets that we can follow every day!

A clear, healthy and soft skin is also one of our most important beauty assets. Remember, beauty is skin deep and therefore maintaining the health of your skin and taking care of it is vitally important. Here are a few important skin care secrets to enable you flaunt a gorgeous skin!

Though generally skin care secrets will vary for each type of skin, there are some skin care secrets which are common for every complexion. So read on for some easy-to-follow skin care tips.

The most common types of skin are dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, normal skin and sensitive skin. It is important for you to know your skin type to follow specific skin care secrets for its care.

The chapter will be divided as follow :

1. Know Your Skin Type
2. Skin Care Secrets for Dry Skin
3. Skin Care Secrets for Oily Skin
4. Skin Care Secrets for Combination Skin
5. Skin Care Secrets for Normal Skin
6. Skin Care Secrets for Sensitive Skin
7. Daily Skin Care Secrets.

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Dhoop may Thanda Paani jyada pina chahiye neem k Patto ka

isse sehat n tvacha achi rehti h

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Dhoop may Thanda Paani jyada pina chahiye neem k Patto ka isse sehat n tvacha achi rehti h :good

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Make up means we mainly take care about the skin. Moisturizing your skin is a wonderful way to remain looking young and have soft skin as well.

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