Indian forum: Other - Wolf whistles and catcalls. Is this a compliment or harassment?
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15 Apr 2015 04:51

Girls: What do you think of wolf whistles? Do you like it or offend?
Guys: when you wolf-whistle at ladies, do you think you're paying them a compliment they should appreciate?
Apparently women find compliments offensive. All compliments.
And by compliments I mean “compliments”. And, just to be even clearer, by “compliments” I mean “ wolf whistling on the street, or positive comments about appearance delivered in the workplace in inappropriate settings”.
What are your ideas friend?

15 Apr 2015 14:35
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15 Apr 2015 15:46

15 Apr 2015 16:36
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16 Apr 2015 05:51
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20 Apr 2015 14:48

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5 May 2015 16:05

I hate guy whistling me , wen I passing in his front !