Indian forum: Business - China market - a threat to Indian market
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18 Mar 2015 08:21

China market - a threat to
Indian market

18 Mar 2015 15:09


18 Mar 2015 15:10
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18 Mar 2015 15:30

nt at all

28 Mar 2015 09:42
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29 Jul 2015 09:05

Because of today's generationI do not accept that china is a great threat to india because today india is very fixed. I mean that if they have to do any work they will do it because, indians have got their teachings from Gandhi ji who threw the British from India. (I am sorry if I have hurt someone

29 Jul 2015 09:08

yes its threat ...all chinese prodcuts should be banned

30 Apr 2016 08:13

China has good manpower who work for less money. All the equipment they use in the manufacturing of the products are local and so are cheaply available. That is why China is a threat to Indian market.

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8 Nov 2016 14:47

This year, Chinese market has faced a lot of trouble and losses after the boycott of Chinese items during this Diwali festival. But then it was not that much successful as it was thought as like always the Chinese products are cost effective, cheap and easily available that is in the budget of most of the common people. You can checkout the various Online shopping Site in India to get things of your choice but how many of them are Indian, that's the thing that you must consider.