Indian forum: Education - Law is the creation of the strong to rule the weak
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16 Mar 2015 14:49

Law is the
creation of the
strong to rule
the weak

28 Mar 2015 20:48

We still follow the rules made by Britishers wch wer made according to d comfort levels of the ruling government ...... Dats y v hve 100 lope holes is evry rules ......

29 Jul 2015 09:30

We are living in a society bound by laws. It’s human psyche that if we are restricted to do something we like, we don’t like the law. Laws, procedures etc are not created when we want to. They are created considering various aspects.
- Strong people are usually perceived as rich people. Some of them misuse the power to rule the weak.
- Some law systems consume so much time and money that the common man can’t afford them.
- Most of the times, the rich who are considered as strong have the ability to bypass the law. This way, the weaker section gets affected.
- Laws bring discipline and fair treatment across various levels in the society.
- Laws are created to bring fairness in society. Mostly, laws are made considering the weaker section of the society.
- This may not be true for some laws. Consider laws for dowry etc. People who are financially weak cannot be ruled because of such laws.
- There are many ways by which the strong can rule the weak. They don’t laws to do that.
- There are laws against corruption, bribe etc. Some people misuse such laws to rule the work.
- With law, we all evolve as individuals. They only make us stronger.
Whether we are strong or weak, we have to follow the law. While some of us believe that law creates discipline, others believe that some laws are for the strong. People who have the power usually misuse it and not follow the law. This way, the common man suffers