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9 Mar 2015 04:50

I've clocked the motion of the wind, And looked at my barometer; I've watched the movements of thes of the clouds, And studied my thermometer; No matter how I check my charts And scan the skies of blue; I know that I shall never find A hot air mass like you!

10 Mar 2015 04:31

Our fathers carry half of our genetic
makeup. Our relationship with our
father plays a huge part of who we
become. In many segments of societ
people grow up without ever knowi
their fathers. This is unfortunate
because fathers should play as
important a role in raising their
children as mothers. A father is the
model of a man for his daughter and
she will choose a man who is like hi
A father is the model for his son as
well. Fortunately, there is a trend fo
fathers to be more active in their
children's lives.

10 Mar 2015 04:33

I know that I'm not perfect, and I'm
sure you know that to,
But it means the world to know, tha
can always talk to you...
I am sure you didn't expect all this,
when you took me in to stay...
But you still loved me enough, that
you did it anyway.
You always seemed so calm, when
deep down you were so scared,
And no matter how serious it was, y
always seemed prepared.
I know I'm lucky to have you here,
after all that you've been through,
And no matter what just happened,
can always say I love you...
You always can forgive me, even wh
times get bad,
And I'll love you until the day I die,
because you are my miracle dad!

10 Mar 2015 04:34

Feeling lost without him
Feeling empty too
I used to be my daddy's girl
This I know was true.
Now that we have split apart
Gone our separate ways
I pray to God each night
To bring us back together someday.
Yet I fear this is impossible
Not right now anyway.
I still hold out hope
To be my daddy's girl again someday.
Yet still all I can say is,
I'm feeling lost without him
Feeling empty too
Dear God I'm still praying
Please oh please to help me get

10 Mar 2015 04:40

When I was a little girl,
I can still remember our happy
moments we shared together.
People said that because I'm the onl
girl in the family, aside from my mo
That I'm a spoiled brat, but I guess I'
You're my mentor, you taught me a
of things in life, moral values,
Respect for elders, things that is
useful to our everyday life.
As a Dad, you showed me of the ho
the why, and the where,
No matter what has come about; yo
were always there.
That was spring of 2002 when I hear
the news.
The doctor said you're in pain, and
there's nothing they could do.
The result of your biopsy was you
have cancer of the liver,
After I heard that, my world starts t
You talked to me and said you are
My heart breaks when I heard you
3 weeks later, you've left me.
That was so painful and the hardest
thing to accept, for a grieving daugh
that I am.
Years may come and go, but your
memory will never be erased.
I once knew a man, who gave love a
his best,
And no one can ever take your plac
miss you so much DAD!

10 Mar 2015 04:42

Although you're not my birth Dad,
You've loved me since I was small,
The road has not always been easy,
I'm sure at times you've wondered,
how you even got here at all,
There may have been times when I
was distant,
Resenting you because you weren't
my 'real' Dad,
And when the going got real rough
I'm sure you felt you'd been had,
But time is the great healer,
She's patient and loving and kind,
One day I woke up from my slumber,
And with you, I just changed my min
I decided you weren't such a bad gu
You really seemed like you cared,
You seemed to make Mommy so hap
Perhaps I could open my heart just
little bit, a wee little bit if I dared,
You stood there with arms wide ope
When I decided to take 'the chance',
It seemed so natural and made such
Like a lovely, well-choreographed
You never held it against me,
Those early days when I wasn't so
And when you hold me so close and so
I now know our love is real and pure

10 Mar 2015 04:47

My daddy looks tough as nails
And hard as metal.
But the truth is easy to tell
He's sweet and loving
And can always understand me
Patient he is
And he always makes a big differen
in my everyday life.
Always managing to put a smile on
Even when his days aren't so good
My daddy is my hero
He is my best friend who I can alway
And I don't have to worry about bein
He is my daddy
And above everybody he is who mak
me feel very happy
The truth is I love my daddy

10 Mar 2015 05:07

My father is my hero,inspiration,my life.