Indian forum: Religion - The Purpose of Life (why were we created?)
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12 Feb 2015 12:04

I am created because God has a purpose for me
in this world. The reason why i wake up every
morning is because God still has more in store
for me.

12 Feb 2015 16:58

Every human have seprate resposibility in life.

12 Feb 2015 17:41
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13 Feb 2015 07:47

sv ko pareshan krne k lie aai hu............

13 Feb 2015 07:57

We're created by god to serve the mankind

13 Feb 2015 08:04

Anu sach kaha aapne

13 Feb 2015 12:56
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13 Feb 2015 15:51

to pray the god he created us,u came here to do wat god has said

13 Feb 2015 16:12

to inquire about the truth.....and finally attain it becoming one with it.

14 Feb 2015 18:38
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16 Feb 2015 12:45

To LivE.
To xpLorE.
To xpEriencE.
To makE d bEst oUt oF it.

16 Feb 2015 19:41

A reason of being.

A reason for being who we are.

For being in the circumstances we're in.

We live life to its fullest when we breath, and search for our place.

And sometimes when we lose faith, we have comforting memories.

These remind us we live for a reason.

Some people lose sight of that reason.

They end it, or they see the reason and others end them.

If we're born to a destiny, why murder?

Why suicide?

Why be still born?

Why is there so much pain, hatred, so much crying on earth?

Was there ever a time of pure goodness?

A time when a little baby could be born and not feel sorrow?

Is there a reason to all that humans go through?

The pain and stress, the love and friendship?

We like how we are, or we don't.

Others try to change us to be how they all want us to be.

But, if they did, would they know us anymore?

We all have a purpose.

But we have to struggle to find it.

Just because we reach a difficulty, we shouldn't quit.

Find the inner strength, and keep going.

Life is what you make it.

Live it to its fullest.

There's always someone out there worse off than you are.

Be thankful for what you've got, and live.

We all ask what life's purpose is.

Maybe it's to make life worth living for someone else.

16 Feb 2015 20:39

16 Feb 2015 21:04

to worship praise and to glorify the name of God by walking following His footsteps...!

16 Feb 2015 23:27

To help each other and to do gud that our future bright and make god proud and his name...

30 Nov 2015 08:52

Prabh ka simran, God ka saath, or kus nai