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29 Aug 2014 09:32

Hair fall problem generate when we don't care them properly means we have tend to eating unhealthy diet like pizza, junk foods, heavy oily foods etc. these foods good in taste but provide us critical hair loss problem and many other physical illness like over weight,eye weakness, heart problem try to avoid these kind of foods.

Here i have list of foods that can help to protect our hair from hair fall problem.

Green fresh vegetables

We can include these diet in our daily meal to keep our hair healthy.there many other natural hair care treatment which is more effective to recover hair loss problem fast.

1.Keep in mind if you will drink 7 or 8 glasses of water in Whole day than it will good for your skin and hair.

2.Use coconut oil for hair massage this is good natural treatment to get healthy hair.

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Noted ! nyc info

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Hair SPA:)

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gud info bhai mere jese hazaro mobo k log. is samasya se pidit hai,specialy adhe se jada ladkia b takli he aur ladke b so itts useful info for all of us

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Hair SPA:)

konsa shampoo lagati ho

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nc info

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Nt info

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Use Nature spa to reduce hair fall

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29 Aug 2014 17:14
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29 Aug 2014 17:54

Do you get depressed after
seeing huge amounts of hair blocking your drain after a shower or seeing loacks of hair on your haribrush ?
Seeing this is
a very depressing sight.
Hair fall or hair loss is a common
promblem most of ur face.
Hair restoration and skin rejovenation surgeon at hairrevive , mumbai , helps you to come out of this hair fall dilemma by sharing some easy ways and measures that you can implement to reduce hair fall.

[1] Care for your hair - one of the basic steps you need to take in the process of saving your luscious locks is , taken care of your hair.
You can prevent hair fall to a great
extent , if you pamperit , unless
you have genetics
factors , which cause hair loss.

[2] Give proten to
your hair - you hair is made up of protein. So , it's
important to add
' an adequate amount of protein
to your diet. Include protein rice food to your plate like meat , diary or protein shukes. The reason for hair loss is protein deficiency , so never let your hair starve due to lack
of this important nutrient in your diet.

[3] Avoid junk food - If you don't
want to see your
hair from shredding , then say 'no' to junk food.
Include a healthy protein rice diet.
Junk food is nothing other than 'free calories'
It does no good
to your food , So avoid it as for as
[4] Never over wash your hair - yes , your hair needs washing ,
in order to get rid
of the dirt any
pollution , but the
thumb rule is ; never over do it
Excess washing of hair will not only
strip the dirt but
also take away the naturals oils
and damage the

[5] Maintain a healthy scalp - To
prevent hais loss ,
maintain a healthy scalp.
Excessive danruff
or a flaky scalp is
the prime reason
for hair loss , thus make sure you are free of all these scalp promblems.
Use a good quality shampoo to clean your scalp of all the dirt.

[6] Use a wide - toothhed comb -
To detangle your hair , after a shower , always
use a wide - tooth comb. Using a wide - tooth comb will help reduce the risk of hair breakage and hair
fall while combing.

[7] Avoid excessive heating - In this fashionable world,
all of us like to style our hair to look our best , but
do remember that
excessive or constant heating and drying , can weaken the hairs
protein , and make it more brittle and
fragile , leading to
hair loss.
Thus , minimise the usage of hair
dryers , curlers and hair straightners.

[8] Vitamin C is important - If you want healthy and
strong hair , then add sufficient amount of vitamin C to your diet.
Vitamin C is needed for hair ,
to mantain it's
strengh and Iustre. Include vitamin C rich foods like oranges , lemons and green approximately
1,000 to 3,000 mg
of vitamin C in your diet on a daily basis.

[9] Massage your
hair - Try to get a nice hot oil massage at least
one a week. Rub the Oil in your scalp and every part of your hair and leave it Overnight , so that
the oil can help restore the moisture of your locks and replenish the hair
roots and provide
Sufficient nourishment you
can use any type
of oil , depending on your choice. . .

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sar dard de de raha hai dekh kar..

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Reduce tension reduce hairfall

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