Indian forum: Music - How does the making of a song start -- Tune? Lyrics? Situation of the song in the movie?
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7 Aug 2014 20:05

How do the music directors choose the singer?

7 Aug 2014 20:11

I think Situation of the song in the movie!!! And after then music directors choose the singer!!

9 Aug 2014 07:46

yes situation of d movie and whom voice suits to that song that much be decided music directors

9 Aug 2014 09:15

9 Aug 2014 13:42
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10 Aug 2014 10:08

yes situation

10 Aug 2014 10:11
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10 Aug 2014 21:01

15 Aug 2014 06:36


21 Aug 2014 17:37

Making song start with a tune

21 Aug 2014 17:40


21 Aug 2014 18:50

R.D.Burman With Kishore_Kumar Dev_Anand B.R.Chopra and Yash_Chopra

23 Aug 2014 06:25
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23 Aug 2014 06:28
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23 Aug 2014 10:28

Quote by Hritie
Now evrything making by computer

Wow......what a answer...... :p

23 Aug 2014 10:31

Its start with situation then lyrics n then tune...

9 Sep 2014 21:37

I can explain u clearly since i am working in cinemas in a movie script , particular sequences demand the songs with respective emotions of the scene that leads the movie. Ex: patho, melody, intro etc. And, a music director wl either create a tune first for which the lyricist will prepare the lyrics( relatd wth script) or vice versa- there wl be a ready lyrics by the script writer or lyricist whch wl be gvn tune by the music director. And, the next step is, music director adds intro, And BGMs to the song developing with tracks with certain tempos. Later, in studio, music director with the help of audio engineer/programer develops each track separately with different instruments and voice is first given by the track singer. Finally, the main singer listens to the song and sings to the track, under the guidance of music director. And, instruments are also added live or softwares like frutyloops n so. Totally, a song consists of 80-250 tracks of instruments , including voice and chorus. Actually the credit of a song goes to the music director and if the lyrics is good its the lyricist. Singer just fills his voice and beautifies as the music director asks him to.

19 Sep 2014 19:55

I knw that also becouse i already workin in our local music studio as a music arranger... Its not a corract answer about this qustian... U r telling about hw 2 making or complte a song in music studio..

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24 Nov 2014 17:16

Quote by gowthamsravs
Quote by Hritie
Now evrything making by computer

Wow......what a answer...... :p

25 Nov 2014 03:59

If you’ve been in the music industry long enough, you can appreciate