Indian forum: Literature - which novel inspires your life?
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19 Jul 2014 18:28

my is romeo juliet . . A heart touching story of love.whats yours?

15 Aug 2014 11:02


30 Sep 2014 19:30

the alchemist

14 Dec 2014 19:37

Nt a novel bt a poem"The road not taken" by Robert Frost

18 Dec 2014 17:37

Revolution 2020

2 Apr 2015 20:13

Just read 'animal farm' by george orwell. Any age group will love to read it. Just try. Its brilliant work ever i went through. I am shocked at orwell's compassionate designing of social and political graphs and phinomenas at his contemporary eras, that he furnished into a fairy tale(no fairies in it lols) and makes his work consumable to even the child and upto all idealogical pros.