Indian forum: Religion - Does religion cause war?
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1 Jul 2014 10:56
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1 Jul 2014 11:07
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1 Jul 2014 16:43

God created us as ONE
but we created religion to get separate

1 Jul 2014 17:05

We have to respect everyone religion

1 Jul 2014 17:54

Absolutely No. All religions exact point to one. If god is like a hill , every religions shows us unique ways to reach to top of hill.

Englis people calls water as 'water', when hindi speakers call 'pani' , tamilans 'thanni' & so on. Is there any change in those so called water?

1 Jul 2014 18:02

Dr frnd,
do u knw y der r many languages? Itz to communicate.

Religions are jst languages to communicate to almighty.

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1 Jul 2014 22:59

lol. THE TOPIC IS TOTALLY WRONG. iIts just a lack of right thought who raise this question.
Very first, think WhAT IS RELIGION?
RELIGION is a way to think right, feel right and to do right.
So when religion teaches us how to do right things in life then THERE IS NO ANY QUESTION TO RAISE LIKE THIS.

15 Aug 2014 13:42

I dont say any thing!

25 Sep 2014 07:57

Religion doesnt cause war
in d name of religion ppls cause war

25 Sep 2014 08:07
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25 Sep 2014 11:33

We fight for relgion..we do everthing of relgion..but we didnt follow relgion..does we follow?"mazhab nahi sikhata apas me bair rakhna"

25 Sep 2014 12:08
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25 Sep 2014 14:57
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26 Sep 2014 00:09
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26 Sep 2014 00:18

If you respect other religion only then people respects your religion,So only people causes war.everything thing will die one day expect Religion.I love ISLAM and respect other religion

26 Sep 2014 00:29
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26 Sep 2014 05:20
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26 Sep 2014 05:25

I dont say any thing ?

26 Sep 2014 08:33


17 Jan 2015 09:30

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