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28 Jun 2014 08:17

Write out your first name that mostly used .(e.g-SALMAN)

Match eatch letter in your name to the corresponding numerical value given below

A,J,S=1 B,K,T=2 C,L,U=3 D,M,V=4 E,N,W=5 F,O,X=6 G,P,Y=7 H,Q,Z=8 I,R=9

for example..

Now add together each number to get your total number.If initial result is more than one digit add together the indvidual digits again until you get a single digit
e.g-SALMAN=1 1 3 4 1 5=15
Now add up again 1 5=6
Find your number in the chart below and say what association it has.
1#(The leader ruled by sun)
independent,creative,original,ambitious,clevermind,self assured but arrogant,stabbor,impatient,self_centered
as a lover#takes the lead in love.Love and/chess is of utmost importance to these lovers.They can require a lots of excitement becaz they can bore easily

2#(Mediator and peace lover ruled by moon)
diplomatic,peaceful,sensitive but too dependent,manupulative

as a lover-they offer emotional security to their lover

28 Jun 2014 09:16

3#(optimistic,sociable ruled by jupiter)
jovial,friendly,positive,adventurous,self_expressive but extravagant,scattered,superfacial
as a lover#they are funny,energetic and willing to experiment.they are exciting and happy lovers.if they feel confined they will be unhappy and restless

4#(practical,hard working ruled by uranus)
trustworthy,helpful,steady,logical,self_disciplined,problem solving but stubborn,narrow
as a lover#they are quite emotional and frustated if the feel caged in.they love to solve problems.they are very loyal lovers

5#(freedom lover "idea" people ruled by mercury)
adaptable,freedom loving,romantic,resourceful,witty,fun loving,curious,flexible,accomodating but commital,irresponsible,inconsistant.
as a lover#these lovers are generally attractive.they quick to adapt ups and downs.their wit and love of fun is unmistakable.

28 Jun 2014 09:45

6#(peace lover ruled by venus)
compassionate,stable,family loving,trustworthy,domesticated but superficial,jealous,possesive,unwilling to change
as a lover#they have a deep dislike or discord abt romance.They are very attached to their homes and their families.

7#(deep thinker ruled by neptune)
unusual,introspective,intutive,psychic,wise,reversed but melancholic,odd
as a lover#these lovers are a little spaced out and sometimes hard to reach and to understand.they are intutive,some are psychic,they can reach levels of intimacy and romance beyond many peoples imagination.

8#(manager ruled by saturn)
ambitious,business_minded,practical,successful,courageous,accomplished,organized but tense,narrow,materialistic,forceful
as a lover#these lovers take a commitment with responsibility and bravery.but often they treat relationship as a business deal.they are practical and secure and offer their mates stability and security.

28 Jun 2014 09:57

9#(teacher ruled by mars)
jack of all trades,humanitarian,sympathetic,helpful,emotional,tolerant,active,determined but financially careless, moody ,bullying,sullenjre
as a lover#these lovers are are involved and helpful.they show their love by helping their partners and assuming their lover problems.if triggered their emotion can be volcanic.


28 Jun 2014 10:09

My first name is
PALASH=7 1 3 1 1 8=21=2 1=3
According to 3
I am optimistic,sociable,friendly,positeve,adventerous
I am also energetic , experimental and happy lover.
I dnt have any lovers otherwise i would check her number also

29 Jun 2014 13:10

My no 6

29 Jun 2014 16:56

NANA=5+1+5+1=12 . 1+2=3
(optimistic,sociable ruled by jupiter) jovial,friendly,positive,adventurous,self_expressive but extravagant,scattered,superfacial as a lover#they are funny,energetic and willing to experiment.they are exciting and happy lovers. BOLE TOH EKDUM BINDAAS GORGEOUS

29 Jun 2014 18:08

Friends i can bet it gonna be quite identical if u try it with your full name (firstname middle name if u have and surname) becaz this list was made by a numerologist.

29 Jun 2014 22:04
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30 Jun 2014 06:06

ABRAR:: 12919

30 Jun 2014 06:09

Waseem (5 1 1 5 5 4 =21 , 2 1=3)

30 Jun 2014 07:09

Quote by sdkumar
My no 6

"sdkumar" then you are a peace lover and you love your family means your parents and your brothers and sisters most you are compassionate,trustworthy but you never want to change yourself for someome I am sure that you can balance your love and peace at any stage of your life

30 Jun 2014 07:22

Quote by Anita66
ABRAR:: 12919

See you are a practical and hard working girl according to the list and you dnt want to live with imiginary thoughts you have a skill of problem solving but somewhere you are stubborn also you are also quite emotional and can be frustated easily if your partner or lover does anything wrong but you are loyal to ur partner

30 Jun 2014 11:54

Yes i m a leader

30 Jun 2014 12:12
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30 Jun 2014 14:11

Let us se what happend to NARENDRA MODI
NARENDRA MODI=519554914649=62=8
according to 8 he must be a manager who can manage his team well also ambitious,leading,authorative,successful accomplished and couregeous .look at as a lover take commitment with responsibility
Strange but its true

30 Jun 2014 17:54

Quote by Stylish-star
mine is 9 :lol

then ur a teacher kind of person

30 Jun 2014 18:22


1 Jul 2014 07:11

Quote by Shilu_Lkr

18933 after adding these digits we gets 24=by adding again we get 6
so look at the 6# table and say is it true 4 you?

1 Jul 2014 18:29