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28 May 2014 09:11

Only genious can answer
Q22>>I am the beginning of the end,you can see me twice in a decade but once in a year and not in a day but once in june and twice in a week,who am I?
Q23>>2 balls remaining ,last two players on the pitch,both players are on the score of 94*,and 7 runs to win the match,yet both player scores
Q24>>even you give this to someone else you still get to keep it,what is it?
Q25>>a man walks into his bathroom and shoot himself right between the eyes using real gun with real bullets,he walks out alive with no blood and no he didn't miss and ddn't use any bullet proof things ,how did he do this?
Q27>>Skipping through the week do the same thing with the series


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28 May 2014 20:13

Question1./ 14 Question3./ nobody lefts.all the others to escaped.Question 6./quantum physicist are bad lover cause so poor at sex.Because when they find the position,they can't find the momentum and when they have the momentum,they can't find the position

29 May 2014 06:43
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29 May 2014 06:46
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29 May 2014 07:30

Q no18.
A valuable printing was stolen from a liar's club,but the police having had a hard time identifying the culprit becaz every statement made by a member of the club was false.Only four member visited the club on the day that painting was stolen.This is what they told to the police..
Sarat=none of us took the printing.the printing was here when i left.
Rakesh=i arrived second,the painting was already gone.
Ansh=i was the third to arrive.The painting was here when i arrived.
Raju=whoever stole the painting arrived before me.the painting was already gone.
Who of these four liars stole the painting?

Q no19.
I have six red balls and three blue balls in my basket.7 balls are made of wood, 6 rubber balls and one of plastic balls is yellow .two wooden balls are red and one is blue.two rubber balls are blue and 3 are red.How many balls i have?

Q no20.
How is it possible to cut a traditional circular cake into 8 equal size pieces with only 3 cuts?
Q no21.
How do u plant 4 trees same distance from each other?

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29 May 2014 07:35

Q no 13.
You have only two buckets capacity of 50 ltrs and 30 ltrs respectively.You are right next to a river .But you just need exactly 40 ltrs of water.How do you do that? (you dnt have anything to measure except two bucket)

Q no 14.
What number comes next in the series?

Q no 15.
Find the next number..

Q no 16.
You start walking north and you walk in a straight line for two kilometers.When you look at the map you discover that you actually walked one k.m north and one k.m south.How is this possible?

Q no 17.
The govt pays farmers a specific fee for each row of four trees that they plant.An enterprising but dishonest farmer found a way of planting 5 rows of four trees using only 10 did he do that?..
Look below for more question

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29 May 2014 08:29

4 me enaught with one right answer:)

30 May 2014 17:47

There were only 5 people travelling in a bus they were named Ganesha,Durga,Kartick,Laxmi and Kishan ,suddenly bus passes through a tunnel and when it emergs kishan was found dead.
C.I.D officer came to the place and got talking to four peoples.

Ganesha : I'm innocent,Durga was talking to Kishan when the bus passing through the tunnel.

Durga :I'm innocent,I was not talking to Kishan when bus was passing throug tunnel.

Kartick :I'm innocent,Laxmi committed the murder.

Laxmi:I'm innocent,one of men(either ganesh or kartick) committed the murder.

As we see each people made two statements,and it is also understandable that four of them were correct nd four were wrong.Assuming that only one person did the crime ..TRY TO FIND OUT THE KILLER..

30 May 2014 17:58

A bridge will collapse in 17 minutes
four people want to cross it before it will collapse,It is dark night and there is only one torch between them.
Only two people can cross at a time.
A takes one minute to cross
B takes 2minutes
C takes 5
D takes 10 minutes

How do they all cross before the bridge collapse?

30 May 2014 18:08

Two fathers took their sons fishing.Each man and son caught one fish but when they returned to camp there were only three fish.How could this be?
(None of the fish were eaten,lost or thrown away)

31 May 2014 05:51


There were an electrician and a plumber waiting in line for admission to the International Home Show," One of them was the father of the other's son. How could this be possible?

31 May 2014 06:23

1. 100

31 May 2014 06:43

8977937491 answer of question no.2 and 3 are not correct could u explain ur answr for question no.7

31 May 2014 09:29

:sewer I'm not intelligent

31 May 2014 10:07

1.already answered
2. no need the wall z already built bt if use those men to build another wall of same type the time will depend on which 4 men u choose n hw much willing they r coz they have already built one for u
3. left what? left on the field? left alive?
4. odd number
5.already answered
6. (better to remain silent?
7.if u already assumed x=y, u cannot cancel the common factor (x-y) as its zero and 5.0=6.0 and I m.0=president.0.....that doesn't mean 5=6 or I m president nice questions.

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31 May 2014 13:00

Q.1 ans '13'
Q.2 ans '6 days'
Q.3 ans 'nobody'
Q.4 ans 'seven'
Q.5 ans '35'
Q.6 ans 'true'

31 May 2014 13:04

Kia Chutye Pane Ke Sawal Karte Ho Yar.

31 May 2014 14:24

Grand father,father,Son

31 May 2014 15:16

There are three light bulbs in a room,and three light switches outside the room.You are outside,and want to match up which switch goes with which light bulb.You can only travel into the room once,and can't go out once you enter into the room.You can do anything you want upon entering the room.How can you set the situation,so that you will know which switch goes with which bulb? (note-assume you can't see anything, happening in the room from outside)

31 May 2014 16:22