About us
Mobofree is run by an united team of dedicated people from all over the world. Young energetic people, expertise in telecommunications and willing to bring the new best product evolved into this project – The Mobofree.
We were wondering how to bring the best experience for the mobile phone user, how to get connected with new friends and why emotions are being forgotten in the social networks. Seeing the gap between the normal people needs and available solutions (or simply other social networks) we formed a team to fill the gap and create what is now called Mobofree.
Team is formed from the people working in Telecommunications, mobile services, marketing, IT development and related fields, the core team is based at Vilnius. Support and coaching from the senior team members not only brings the quality to this wonderful project, but also lets the younger team members to grow faster and deliver their ideas on the larger scale.
The main 3 values of the team are:
- Transparency,
- Commitment,
- Joy of creation,
So if you want to get know more about the crew – write to any of the admins and we will be glad to answer you. Also if you are interested how you can join us – use the contact us form at the bottom of the page and lets talk!