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17 Jan 2014 18:25

A girl took her boyfriend's cell phone and started checking his contacts
she saw so many numbers saved in there with very funny names such as
1:adjoa kokoti,
2:abena the big toto,
3:alaba tw3die,
4:amanda the dig ridder,
5:muniratu the pussy dyer,
she laughed and laughed till tears runned down her face.she therefore decided to dial her number and see how her name has been saved
to her big suprise,she saw her name as follows

19 Jan 2014 16:31

Akpos,Ohuku,and Guru were travelling thru a forest and dey came across some group of vampires. The vampires asked each other to look for 10 fruits in the forest. Akpos got oranges and Ohuku also got grapes while Guru was still searching for his fruits. They both brought their fruits,and any one who laughs will be killed. Akpos swallowed two oranges and got choked on the third one...then he died,Ohuku had it easy and took his grapes and swallowed all the 10 like fufu but laughed and was killed,the reason why he laugh was because he saw Guru coming wid watermelon......... Dont laugh alone

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20 Jan 2014 01:14

a man want to a bush he saw a lion he go down nd started praying.he open his eyes nd saw de lion knelt down praying wat a shock! he asked de lion re u a CHRISTIAN? de lion replied kwasia dnt u pray befor u eat

20 Jan 2014 15:25

A person from America is called American and a black person in America is called BLACK AMERICAN. Now a person from POLAND called Pollish What will be de name of a black man in polland....
...? Pls reply me

20 Jan 2014 16:57

Black pollish

20 Jan 2014 18:39

i agree wid u "black pollish"

21 Jan 2014 08:37


21 Jan 2014 19:14

Black PoLiSh.

22 Jan 2014 14:25

black polish

22 Jan 2014 15:31

black polishian

22 Jan 2014 18:49

blak polish

22 Jan 2014 21:32

4nny u

23 Jan 2014 08:00

Black polish man

23 Jan 2014 17:23


24 Jan 2014 00:22

Black pollish

24 Jan 2014 13:05


6 Feb 2014 18:02

Akpos was driving across the street when he spotted a mob beating a guy who apparently was a thief. Everybody was dishing out blows, even kids. Akpos stopped his car and headed straight to
the scene. He pulled his jacket, with his shirt and tie, he entered the mob and landed a heavy slap on the thief's left eye.

As soon as Akpos slapped him, the thief started talking; I will confess o, i will confess. The mob chanted; Confess! Thief! Leave him, let him confess. Everybody stopped beating him.
The thief pointed at Akpos and shouted; Look! This man here is my boss. He is the one that send us everyday.

The thief did not finish talking when all the beatings were transferred to Akpos. Akpos' face became swollen. Blood was oozing all over him and he fell down.
The thief shouted again; It's a lie o. I don't
know him. It's a mistaken identity. The thief then turned to Akpos and whispered; Idiot! Next time mind your business. Did i come to steal your thing?

One word for Akpos.

7 Feb 2014 13:36


9 Feb 2014 13:03

African polish

9 Feb 2014 15:51

3 Rats sat down and began bragging among each other that each got swagg than the other.. so, among this 3 rats who really got swagg????

1st Rat: I ate rat poisin i no die
2nd Rat: I danced Azonto,Alingo n Alkaiyada on Beyla/mouse Trap i wasnt caught
The 3rd Rat laughed and said,u see that pregnant cat lyin there......Am responsible for it pregnancy.

so among these 3 Rat,who got SWAGG?????..... pls reply me