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22 May 2014 12:16

We have those simple dilemmas with picking the color of your phone. But these little things might have a lot more meaning than you think. Read and find what your phone color says about you. Do not forget to share your opinion on this topic!

1. RED is the colour of those who live life to the fullest. Tenacious and determined, a red mobile phone symbolises strength, health and passion. It is usually chosen by people with an open and uncomplicated nature.

2. ORANGE symbolizes optimism and warmth. These people are friendly, warm and confident.

3. YELLOW shows optimism for the most part. It’s somewhat close to orange on the spectrum, and it says that these people possess warmth.

4. GREEN only highlights one thing -growth. These people could be the ones who enjoy development & peace on a lot of aspects.

5. BLUE gives the impression of trust, loyalty and integrity. The color goes for the people who are dependable.

6. PURPLE/Indigo unveils vision, idealism, creativity & imagination.

7. WHITE shows completeness, purity & perfection. However, it also shows sophistication.

8. BLACK - the color of most phones. Just how most people keep treat their phones, it shows that they have something hidden, secretive and unknown. They enjoy being shrouded by mystery and they really like having security.

9. BROWN is the color of stamina and patience. Reliable and dependable, a brown mobile phone reflects a conscientious and conservative nature. Lovers of brown are never impulsive and thrive on responsibility.

23 May 2014 01:07

Very nice. I love this

23 May 2014 08:31

Hmmm, colors say alot about people and life.Das a nyc one.

23 May 2014 09:41

It tells a lot though

23 May 2014 09:53

What about grey/silver?

24 May 2014 10:46

That is nyc

24 May 2014 20:16

lyk seriously

24 May 2014 22:44

Waao!I now know who I am.I belong to the white group.

25 May 2014 01:16

There is an element of truth it.

25 May 2014 17:22


25 May 2014 21:39


26 May 2014 00:14


26 May 2014 04:52

black and white

26 May 2014 10:25

Ok, then I will go for red and do away with my black

26 May 2014 14:09

You are right,i prefer black things than any colour and keep secret,never share ideas with anybody.

26 May 2014 16:01

Everything is true except for de black

26 May 2014 23:29


27 May 2014 01:59

that is great,I like black and white colors

27 May 2014 03:23


27 May 2014 03:41