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3 May 2014 02:17

Son: wow! The fabulous Asante
Kotoko will
be playing a football match with
Hearts of Oak.Can we go to the
Dad: No. U have to queue up to
get tickets
and even stand during the match.
You can
see it better on TV.
Daughter: Can we make it to the
trade fair
this weekend?
Dad: No sweety, there is grand
sales live
show on TV every Saturday. We
will watch
everything on TV.
Wife: Honey honey, let's go have a
time at the Ghana Music Awards
this evening.
Dad: Hmm. No Darling, it will be
live on TV. Better on TV at home
Dad: Daaarling, I'm hungry. What
are we
eating for dinner?
Wife: U can watch Asanka Delight
on TV.
They are preparing fufu.
Enjoy dinner.
Everything is better on TV.
Chisel man
Dad: I want sex
Wife: watch pono.....aboafunu

11 May 2014 02:57

that's gud for him to do that

11 May 2014 03:48


19 May 2014 21:51

Hmmmmmmm it's serious bt funny.

6 Jul 2015 00:46

haha, I love it

6 Jul 2015 00:59

Nice one

6 Oct 2015 21:22

Sex eeii pressure hmm TV meh na nawa hahahaha the wife is just a perfect one