Ghana forum: Gaming - How do you feel when you are playing gta vice city??
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2 May 2014 19:58

Playing grand theft auto vice city,you will enjoy the folling and so much more
1.You get to drive,ride,swimm and fly in the colourful vice city
2.You will experience the feeling of driving high class cars like ferrari,banshee,pony and others in fact,you won't need a driving lincense to drive a real car
3.You wii conquere breath-taking missions about so many things
4.You can become a police,a fire agent,a doctor,a journalist,a driver and even a thief
5.You will have access to all ladies in the city
6.You can own any property in city the as long as you have the cash
7.You can make easy money throught the crafty or the honest way
8.You will have access to any weapon of your choice with unlimited ammo
9.You can destroy anything you want in the city but be careful about the police
10.You will have a whole city all to yourself + a cheatbook

23 Aug 2014 10:51

it is full of madness

23 Dec 2014 22:06

its full of fun! i love it