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19 Apr 2016 05:53

I had a distance relationship with a guy for 3yrs without sex.He became fed up and stopped receiving my calls.Few weeks later I tried calling him but the line couldn't go through so I called his to find out about him only to be told he had left the country. His friend gave me is new number and reached him on WhatsApp.We have been chatting until now.I still love him but he doesn't trust me.Yesterday a Vodafone line texted me on WhatsApp DAT he wish to take me out which I refused. The person later asked if I was dating ?I said NO only to realize its was my ex whom have been trying to get back to.He concluded am looking for a man and he is disappointed in me.He always hide his intentions so I never knew he still likes worried cos I love him.

21 Apr 2016 19:26

Hmmm. The question I want to ask is; did you two break up before he travelled??? 2. If no then he didnt try for not informing you of his travelling. 3. All the same you got to know of his mind as to if the love was there or not so you shouldn't have told this new guy you are single whilst you are still chatting with your old guy cos no matter what you two will talk about love when you use to chat. Am not happy with what you did since the devil we know is better than the Angel we dont know. My mind now tells me you wanted to double date both guys. Hmmm, your guy is mad at you now and may not even trust you as a faithful lady again but try and talk things up with him that is not what he is thinking or talk to his close friend whom you trust to talk with him on your behalf and pray hard he comes back. Do try and change what makes him not to trust in you when you come together again. Thnx

17 May 2016 02:49

Thanks but we never broke up.How do I focus on him wen I don't even know if he loves me.

17 May 2016 23:31

Gud as wel because youth said it all that you never broked up and that means you were still dating so wasnt suppose to hide that by telling a different guy you were single. When we are dating no matter the distance or misunderstanding un it we talk and one or two love words will come in which will make you to know that the other partner is still inlove with you. Thnx

21 May 2016 16:46

You can't say am single or not dating when u did not really break up with your boyfriend.U suppose to be sure of that before saying that and moreover too how can u talk to your boyfriend and can not detect whether he still love u or not dear.Better luck next time.

23 May 2016 20:22

My dear ders nothin like de devil u know is better than the angel u dnt knw.
Let me tell u, de devil wil always be a devil ok, n de angel wld always b an angel. Jst forget him n move on wit yr life.

31 Jul 2016 14:25

Thanks to u all.

29 Sep 2016 14:34