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13 Mar 2016 13:28

My Story:

I met a lady a month after a separation with my kids mom. Then I was having one kid with my Ex and I told my new met lady about my kid and she was ok with that.

In our 3rd month of relationship, my Ex called to inform me she left with pregnancy. This became a very big blow for me to take cos I have already told my new met lady I have just one kid. So I decided to keep it from her cos I didn't want to loose her.

Life has been such wonderful for me and my new met. We have lived happily for almost 3yrs until we both realised our ultimate compatibility and planned to climax our relationship to a proper marriage. Our love was on its peak until i felt no more comfortable to keep the secret about my second child so I decided to tell my lady before we marry and I have regretted telling her cos things has never be as its used to be.

My lady started consulting her pastor n church elders to seek their opinions and all advises given to her was not to my favor. They all advised her to quit n leave me. So the lady finally took her decision against me with no compromise.

A day after our break up, she texted me a message on whatsapp that she is very sorry things has turn out to be so disappointing that we have to end it but she don't want to loose my friendship she still want me as a friend.

I replied to her that, there's no better friendship than marriage, there's no lasting friendship than marriage so once my circumstances around me doesn't make me a perfect man for her life, I dont need her friendship.

She later asked me for help which she claimed was in need of money for her up keep. Seriously I felt very stupid n bad for myself cos I was wondering what this girl think of me. I gave love a chance to decide and I sent her the amount she requested.

After sending the money, I felt I have been played and sent her a message that, she should let this be her last time she ask me for money and should also avoid calling and texting me.

Forum members what are your advice for me?

14 Mar 2016 14:26

does touching
but ladies now a days does not lyk to b de truth
dey think deir pastors r heaven
but u did de right thing at de tym but ur intentions was not also bad
ma bro u hv to keep living ur life dis not de end of de road
atlist u hv two children dat can bring you joy n happiness
channel all ur resources into achieving dat
n de lady Hmmmm
she left without a purpose so must not come back with a reason

28 Mar 2016 01:45

let her go n focus all ur attention on e kidz.luke for another one hu will understand ur situation.
if possible ignore her attention to draw ur mind back cos tins will never be e same.

31 Mar 2016 20:45

there are many women that will love u with ur kids with condit

31 Mar 2016 21:00

without any conditions,BT love is smtin and we all deserved second chance,if she have admit her mistake nd she ready to comply u can still given her chance, u can fight ur feelings BT nt destiny

5 Apr 2016 04:46

6 Apr 2016 21:07

if felt sorry bro sit her down nd sort ur differences, after all luv surpassed evrytyn