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27 Jan 2016 16:02

is it good for a man to marry more than one woman?

27 Jan 2016 21:01

One is enough

27 Jan 2016 23:47

Its good to marry 2 wives provided you can be just between them and also cater for them

28 Jan 2016 01:25

One is ok

31 Jan 2016 11:13

if he can provide fr dem Wy nt,he can marry as many as he wnt

31 Jan 2016 19:18

Only one

6 Feb 2016 00:48

only one

8 Feb 2016 00:27

As many as he can coz even the wife can't afford to have sex everyday if the man is sex addict n will make the wife behave well as a wife

12 Feb 2016 23:23

Quote by FriyemAlbert
As many as he can coz even the wife can't afford to have sex everyday if the man is sex addict n will make the wife behave well as a wife

Funny.. Are we talking abt sex Here..

12 Feb 2016 23:23

One is Ok..

12 Feb 2016 23:24

One wife is companion, two is commotion

21 Feb 2016 13:01

The truth that leads us to the redemption of sin.
Everyone born on earth was born with twelve kinds of sins namely:fornication,theft,adultery,blasphemy,foolishness,coveteousness.....Mark7:21-23,these are the very and more sins found in the heart of every sinner born on earth,with these sins written in the tablet of our heart with an iron pen with its diamond point,Jeremiah17:1,these make us to commit sin haphazardly in any situation we find ourselves even if we don't want to,but these sins are strongly inscribed in our hearts that we can't even wash them with our own efforts,Jeremiah2:22,with this we know ourselves to be a dreadful sinners before God who deserve no other place but hell because of our sins,knowing ourselves critically before God,we then seek for our salvation from sins,and we can only receive the remission of our sins if we believe in the baptism of Jesus through which He took all sins of the world upon Himself when He was baptized by John the Baptist by laying on of hands,Matthew3:13-17,now Jesus went to the cross after shouldering all sins through His baptism,He shed His blood to death where He once and for all paid off the wages of sins in our stead,John19:30.This is how Jesus came by water and by blood,1John5:6.Our faith must be composed of the fact about His baptism and blood and also His resurrection,if we only believe in His blood,then we will not be saved and our sins will continue to hurt us in condemnation.Visit for more information,God bless you as you know the truth and be free John8:32.

27 Feb 2016 11:50

one will be okay,wen de woman behavior is good

2 Mar 2016 01:47

i think one is okk

2 Mar 2016 12:25


2 Mar 2016 12:27

It's depend on ur culture, and second it depends if you can afford and manage to have more than wives