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4 Jan 2016 17:09

I want to know and understand if in life we commite mistakes we never thought would happen, are our fellow human need to jugde us with it .ie if a woman or man has a child out of wardlock does that mean the person can never have a relationship or love anyone else bcos in recent days when u are a (born one) no man or woman is ready to have a relationship with .i want to no why some people think marrying someone with a child is a nt right.

6 Jan 2016 21:49

When you truly love someone, it doesn't matter who the person is or was. it happening in our lives where born one men and women find it difficult getting another opportunities. But when love rules everything becomes possible

7 Jan 2016 07:35

true bt nt all becuz i no born3 woman who just got married to dif man. :yahoo.

7 Jan 2016 14:31

The reason why people don't want to marry a person with already a child is because they see it to be a burden thus for the men. Also, they think that person doesn't have a good character(cheater). Again, they think that child will inherit from their dad mostly women. Lastly, people with already a child when married, that child sometimes brings troble or problem between the couples. But it should not be so. They should be a closed relationship between the children by both parents. There should be a unite among them because they are all from one blood thus the father. Mothers are just a bond to the family.

9 Jan 2016 19:32

Is nv true..bcs i hv a friend who hv 6kids but still she got a single guy to wed i love kids so much dat i will nt hv a problem to marry a guy 2kids but e problem is a guy with a kid always pays attention to e kid dan u especially whn e kid is e first child n sometimes e mother of e child always brings trouble to e family if e child stays with her dere is a problem but if e child stays with u too dere is a problem so dats why girls now adays dnt wnt to involve with such a man. As u knw a woman needs to be treating as a big queen bcs whnever she is happy u will be happy n free

12 Jan 2016 01:28

You can marry if you have give birth to one child ok

12 Jan 2016 02:36

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12 Jan 2016 12:44

All is about love because single ladies without children are there whilst born one to three women are getting married. Gone are the days when people dont like marrying someone with a child but it has changed now in the system

26 Jan 2016 21:38

Love can make you blond.

26 Jan 2016 21:39

I mean blind

1 Feb 2016 11:49

I need a lady who is romantic in bed to date