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24 Apr 2014 12:40

University of Laughter
50:50 - America NO PASS Nigeria
In everything they get we too get
Dem get Mohammed Alli, we get
Bash Alli.
Dem get T. pain, we get Timaya.
Dem get T.I, we get M.I.
Dem get 2-pac, we get 2-face.
Dem Get Beyonce, we get
Omotola.. Dem get Lil wayne, We
get Terry G..
Dem get TIMBALAND, We get DON
Dem get wiz khalifa, weget wiz
Dem get hollywood, we get
Dem gett Silicon valley, we get
Computer village.
Dem get Macdonnalds, we get Mr.
Biggs. Dem get Las Vegas, we get
Dem get Miami Beach, we get
Lekki Beach.
Dem get Al paccino, we get Pete
Dem Get Pirate of d Carribean, we
get Pirate of
Dem get beauty and the beast we
get bianca and ojukwu,
Dem get Mr bean, we get Mr ibu,
Dem get American Lotto, we get
Baba Ijebu.
They fear Al Qaeda, we fear Boko
Haram abi my
ppl I lie? Let's share

30 Apr 2014 14:25

No na true