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19 Oct 2015 13:48

Teacher: name any
fasters car you
know in the world.
Fori said: ferrari
Teacher: that is
Melliz said:
merceedes benz
Teacher: well done
Bilnow said: BMW
Teacher: correct
Belles said: BMS
Teacher: you are
not serious, eyi BMR,
because teacher
ends with R.
One word for belles
and the teacher

28 Oct 2015 05:23

Mmmmm. Nt reali funny but wil manage it like dat

31 Oct 2015 22:24

idz sure de writer is a dickhead....

3 Nov 2015 08:30

A sexy female employee meets her boss and says sir will you remove something from my breast? Boss: wow, what? Girl: your eyes.

23 Dec 2015 19:13

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