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13 Oct 2015 13:09

Lets Create Whatsapp Group If We Are Sons And Daughters Of Love.No Scam So If U Be Such.Plz Dont Try At All B'cos If U Try Evil Shall Come Upon U And Surely U Will Die Before Your Time In Jesus Name! Drop Your Digits Here And Lets Experience Brotherly Love.

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13 Oct 2015 13:20

Plz Brethren Be Of Loving Heart And Keep A Wise Mind.If Someone Contact You And You Found Out He's Not In The Group. Plz Just Block The Person Until The Person Is Added. Thank U. Let Love Lead!

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13 Oct 2015 13:27

Remember We Are Sheeps Among The Wolves And We Be Harmless As Dove But Yet We Are Wise As The Serpent.Let Love Lead

13 Oct 2015 13:34

Life Is A Mystery Which We Understand Not B'cos Who You Reject Today Will The One To Comfort You Tomorrow.Iam B'cos You Are And You B'cos Iam.Who Knows That I May The One Or You May Be The One To Comfort Me. #Let Love Lead.!

13 Oct 2015 13:36

This Mine #+233246226796

14 Oct 2015 17:50


14 Oct 2015 18:23


15 Oct 2015 19:44


15 Oct 2015 23:07


16 Oct 2015 01:00


16 Oct 2015 22:13

Beloved Brethren Just Be Patience All Of U Shall Be Added.In This Our Group There Is No Partiality But We Bearing One Another Burden And Fulfilling The Will Of God # LetLoveLead!

17 Oct 2015 18:07


17 Oct 2015 21:06

Hey Beloved Brethrens Keep Droping Your Digits Here.For Everything Is In Progress.#letlovelead!

17 Oct 2015 21:11

We Wants To Choose Some Persons Should Be Managing The Group.So If You Are Interested Drop Your Digits And Names Should Be Called.Letlovelead!

18 Oct 2015 11:12

So only urself shares ur contacts no be good for u ladies and gentleman

20 Oct 2015 10:58

mine x +233247170574 pls add me now

23 Oct 2015 23:22

Beloved Brethrens Just Keep Clam All You That Are Not Added Yet.You Shall All Be Added Cos In Our Group We Reject Not Anyone On Account Of Their Weakness. Thats We Say:letlovelead.

23 Oct 2015 23:28

We Keep Inviting You All To Join The Group.We Are Not Friend But Family.Let No Discourage You From Joining The Group.U Can Decide For Yourself.You Wil Testify If You Shall Join.Letlovelead!

28 Oct 2015 09:37

Oh brother destiny ur bless dear,am so happy to see ur speaking in Chritst,keep it on,this Evangelist Osbert Isi,add me to ur group +233574704785.